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Can you name the Team fortress 2 spy weapons based on description?

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The original knife for the spyIt comes from the philippines and is known as a capinga
Steals heath on backstab It limits your heath to 70 hp
gives a speed boost on backstablimits your health to 100 hp and a big earner is another name for a high roller in the US
you cant disguise and you earn one upon backstabReference to Aladdin and is a quote from jafar
Gives you a second lifeHas a dove on the cover
makes the spy a sniperthe head shot does 102 damage
move slowly for this cloak because it charges when still shift walking decreases its depleation
play tf2readtf2
The original primaryThe reloading animation changed in 2013
silences the sound of uncloakThe revolver its self is quiet
become an assassin Promotional item for assassins creed
freeze for the camera. This spy weapon freezes peopleFreezes players into
20% more damage while disguised Use to be op for spys now its nerfed
the first watchbought in a magazine for 5 dollars

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