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Forced Order
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'Let's see, a five letter word for happiness- money.'
'Hold it right there, DadMom Angrypants!'
'SpongeBob, who's playing Squidward's records again?'
'Oh yeah? What if I said... 'blargen fedibble no-hip'?'
'Yum yum, this spaghetti sure is good. Belch!'
'I've heard better comebacks from a turkey sandwich.'
'It puts bread on the table.' - 'Rye or pumpernickel?'
'Oh, Rick, how could you? Together we were one!'
'I guess he's reconstituted.'- 'Rehabilitated.'- 'Gesundheit.'
'Well, I didn't think it was possible SpongeBob, but you look even more ridiculous than usual.'
'Let it fill your senses with cascading, fluffy pillows of excitement and comfort as you've never felt before.'
'SpongeBob doesn't have hair… or does he?'
'You're in our thoughts. Takes more muscles to frown than to smile.'
'Between you and me, I'm not wearing socks.'
'Squidward, I used your clarinet to unclog my toilet.'
'Sounds like you've got a dying animal to attend to, eh ol' chum?'
'I scream for ice cream!'
'Three cheers for feeling sorry for ourselves!'
Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure is spreading like one. '
'I think he wants to... try to guess your weight!'
' I will dismantle this oppressive establishment board by board!'
'Okay, Patrick, now this is a very delicate situation. It must be treated with great care and sensitivity.'
'What have you got to lose?' - 'My self-respect. My sanity. My lunch.'
'I'm hotter than a hickory-smoked sausage! '
'Now to go home and have the rest of that pasta.'
'We can do this the hard way, or the easy way, or the semi-medium-easy-hard way..'
'Look at it! Look at it! I WANT ALL OF YOU TO LOOK AT IT!!'
'Mr. Krabs, you shouldn't talk about Squidward like that!'
'Can I have my arms back?'
'They should all be strung up by their gills and forced to breathe air.'
'Hmmm...I wanna defeat the giant monkeyman and save the 9th dimension!'
'It would take more than just some masking tape to fix that guy.'
'Snake eyes.. We love you!'
'Look out, everyone, friends in reverse!'
'Will we be getting business cards?'
'And then you'll get behind her and I'll push.'
Don't look at me! I was just in this for the fashion!
'Oh, what do you know, you're a snail!'

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