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Can you name the Saga of Darren Shan Characters?

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Main Character's Love Interest
Personal Protector of the Vampeneze Lord
Snake Boy at Cirque Du Freak
Owns a heart shaped watch
Vampeneze with Hooks in place of hands
Spider stolen by Main Character
Mad Vampeneze killed in Tunnels Of Blood
Little Person who accompanies Main Character
Quartermaster at Vampire Mountain
Nephew of Main Character
Woman who can grow a beard at will
Son of Snake Boy killed in Lord of the Shadows
Vampire General and Traitor
Man who can regrow any part of his body
Owner of The Cirque Du Freak
Vampire General Killed by Vampire Traitor
One of the few Female Vampires
Vampire Prince and Hunter of the Vampaneze Lord
Oldest Prince And Vampire
Schoolboy turned Half-Vampire
Pirate who attempts to kill the Main Character
Wolf Cub met by Main Character on the way to Vampire Mountain
Police Officer turned Vampet
Vampire who blooded main character
Boy killed by Wolf Man
Head of Police turned Vampirite
The Lady Of The Wilds
Sister of Main Character
Wife of Snake Boy
Main character's best friend as a human

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