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Can you name the Artery, Nerve, Action of the Arm and Shoulder Muscles?

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Pec Major (Clavicular) Action, Nerve
anconeus action
Deltoid Lateral Action
subclavius action, nerve, artery
Teres Major Action, Nerve, Artery
Deltoid Anterior Action
Deltoid Posterior Action
brachialis action, nerve, artery
Trapezius Nerve, Artery
Trapezius Descending Action
Trapezius Ascending Action
anconeus nerve, artery
Lat Dorsi Action, Nerve, Artery
Teres Minor Action, Nerve, Artery
coracobrachialis action, nerve, artery
triceps brachii, action, nerve, artery
pec minor,action, nerve, artery
serratus anterior action, nerve, artery,
rhomboids, action, nerve, artery
Trapezius Both Ascending and Descending Action
Pec Major (Sternocostal) Action, Nerve
triceps brachii long head action
levator scapulae, action, nerve, artery
Subscapularis Action, Nerve, Artery
Trapezius Middle Action
Infraspinatus Action, Nerve, Artery
Deltoid Nerve, Artery
Supraspinatus Action, Nerve, Artery
Pec Major (Both) Action, Artery
Biceps Brachii action, Nerve, Artery

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