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What song does Derek's family sing on the way to visit the new family?
What do Brennan and Dale wear on their job interviews?
What does Brennan say when he storms out of Robert and Nancy's wedding?
Who signed Brennan's samurai sword?
Who did Brennan claim to have smoked pot with?
What does Dale ask Nancy to make him right when she moves in?
What song does Brennan sing to Dale?
What kind of car does Robert drive?
What does Dale put in the stove when he sleepwalks?
What does Dale write on Brennan's shirt?
Who does Alice have an affair with?
What is Dale and Brennan's favorite non-pornographic magazine to masturbate to?
What is the name of Dale and Brennan's new business venture?
Dale says that Brennan's voice is like...
What did Robert get for Christmas?
Where does Robert go on Christmas Eve?

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