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1. What tragedy led to the questioning of the church pre-Renaissance?
1. What new invention led to an increase in education and knowledge?
1. Who posted the 95 theses in Wittenburg, Germany?
3. What were 3 reasons for exploration (the three G's)?
3. What was the Spain-Portugal agreement that 'cut the world in half'?
3. What was the imaginary line that separated the East and West for exploration?
4. What was the name of the route that brought slaves to America and other countries?
4. What is it called when people can own businesses and make money without government interference?
5. When a monarch holds all power it is called _______.
5. What were the French protestants called?
5. Who was the youngest English king and how old was he when he gained the title?
Also had the longest reign of 72 years. 
5. Who was the 30 Years' War mainly between?
The two sides did not agree. :( 
5. Who was the 'Great' Russian leader who tried to catch Russia up to the rest of Europe?
6. Where did the Enlightenment start (city, country)?
6. Name one enlightened despot (leader).
6. What did the American colonists write to declare their freedom?
7. What were the French people divided into (what were their classes called)?
7. Who lost the battle of Waterloo?
Napoleon Bonaparte's final downfall. 
7. What was Napoleon Bonaparte's set of laws called?
7. Who oversaw the Congress of Vienna?
8. What was the process in which ethnic groups were forced into Russia?
Russia wanted full control of all the different ethnicities. 
8. Name one of the three main political groups from this time period.
9. What was the title of the book that exposed to truth about factory conditions?
Written by Upton Sinclair in 1906. 
9. What was one downside to undustrialization?
Sorry for such a broad answer! 
9. Why did US industrialization start?
9. Industrialization led to what new type of economy?
9. Who wrote 'The Communist Manifesto'?
11. What was the name of the Dutch settlers who set up farms on African land?
11. What was the idea where natural selection was applied to people?
13. What four countries were in the Triple Entente in 1917?
13. Which leader was killed that was the spark to start WWI?
He was killed by Gavrilo Princip, member of the Black Hand. 
13. Name one member of the Big Four besides Woodrow Wilson.
13. What Treaty was signed at the end of WWI?
14. What were the MAIN causes of WWI?
14. Who wrote the 14 points?
14. What is it called when countries begin to colonize other, weaker countries?
14. Why did the US enter WWI? Name the ship that was sunk.
15. What was a temporary alliance between government parties called?
15. What was the German government called after WWI?
16. ________ attacked ________ which started WWII.
16. Who was nicknamed 'desert fox'?
16. What was the name of Hitler's 'operation' where he isolated a major city but gained nothing?
16. What did the atlantic charter allow?
16. Who was the Japanese man who called for the Pearl Harbor attack?
17. Which countries had the power to veto decisions of the UN?
17. Who were the Japanese leaders in their civil war? (Communist, Nationalist)
17. Which 3 countries met at the Yalta Conference after WWI?
17. What was the name of Europe's Communist-Democratic division?
BONUS: What is the French word for 'middle class'?

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