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Can you name the entire list of NBO players (official games only)?

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HintNBO Player
Trademark: Peel Out
Worst NBO record (0-7)
Highlight: Faking out #8
Showed up hung over
Lives the closest (besides Makis)
U-Hall's biggest rival
Undefeated since 2004
Played for Mad Hatters
Season 5 Rookie of the Year
Punked out the most
Didn't have a jersey in Season 2
Exhibition Executioner
Crunch, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers
Hang Time!
Team Shank lackey
Debuted in the NBO Finals
Starring Kevin Costner
Will has Bills, Bills, Bills
Busted his nose (Highlight)
Broke his arm in NBO
Team Shank lackey
Trademark: Dead Arrow
He made a three
Showed up in moccasins
HintNBO Player
The first to team with Skittles
The smallest NBO player
Trademark: Leaning Tower of Pisa
Got his name after busting his head
A practical rising star
Team Shank lackey
Repped a Bengals jersey
Rhyme Time for the Bible
Most games for a female
Hoped to make a deep impact
Season 1 Tournament Legend
Matthew McConaughey of NBO
Season X addition
Came to the court from the hill
Practical rising star
Injured himself every game
Got his name from Homer Simpson
Delivered on 14 wins
Impossible Sickest Dunk Ever
Powerhouse from Northwood
The only spelled out number
He got custom shoes in Season 2
First official female player
Teamed with his brother #1
Teamed with his brother #2
HintNBO Player
Stood at the rim and blocked
Hid behind the truck
'Best name in the NBO'
His name doesn't smell too good
His tattoo gave him his name
The fatter outlaw
Made his debut by himself
Master Punk Artist
The only undefeated female
The only person to buy Cena's CD
El Diablo Tres
A heart monitor ended his career
The leader of a huge franchise
First ever banned player
Played U-Hall left handed
Ate yellow snow
Was #20 until he went to #5
Sir Mix-A-Lot needs royalties
Season X addition
Cleveland's own
One of three dunk champions
Hang Tough
Chain of Command started with him

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