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YearShow NameRepertoire
1989Andante and Allegro Vivace, Images Diabolique, Vivace E Ritmico
1990Homage to Machaut, Variations on a Hymn, All Things Bright and Beautiful, O, Clap Your Hands, Gloria
1991Variants on an Advent Hymn, Te Deum, Die Natale, Men of Goodwill, The Bridegroom, O Be Joyful in the Lord
1992Gavorkna Fanfare, Cornish Dances 4th Movement, English Dances 4th Movement, Peterloo Overture
1993The Symphonic Cantata, Heroes Lost and Fallen, Morning Alleluias
1994Sensemaya, Humming Chorus, War Dance, Church Windows Movement 2, March
1995Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter
1996Pavana, Mexican Landscape, Xylophone, Piano Sonata No. 1 4th Movement, Third Symphony 4th Movement
1997Intro to the RIte of Spring, Berceuse, Carrilon, Retinue, Infernal Dance, FInale from Firebird Suite
1998The Path Between the Mountains, Molto Vivo, Lento, Machine
1999Fantasia for Band in G major, Fantasies on a Theme
2000Original Music
2001Original Music
2002Melody, Harmony, Rhythm
2003Propulsion, Resonance, Terminal Velocity, Centrifugal Force
YearShow NameRepertoire
2004Selections from Goldeneye, Hovercraft, Welcome to Cuba, Paris and Bond
2005Chicago, The Magnificent Mile, Jig, The Great Fire of 1871, Sweet Home Chicago
2006Genesis, Wired, Premonition, The Machine Age, Church: Renewing Vows
2007The Strange, Angry Young Man, Invention in C minor, Pressure, I've Loved These Days, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,
2008Bushido, Ronin, Ken-Jutsu, Fumeiyo Yori Shi Wo
2009Extreme Make-over, Pampeana No. 3, Impetuosamente, Engulfed Cathedral, On the Great Divide
2010Harrison's Dream, Dismantling Utopia, Smile,
2011Footprints, Jungle Tango, Nature Boy, Fugue in G minor
2012Don Juan, Dead Elvis, Paparazzi, Don Giovanni, Vesti la Giubba, Out Here on My Own, In the Hall of the Mountain King
2013Rose of Arimathea, Air, Drum Music, Enterprising Young Men
2014Chamber Symphony Opus 110, La Danse Macabre, When I am Laid in Earth, A Walk on the Water
2015Finale of Symphony #8, Fetes, Run Boy Run, In the Musicals, Macrotus, Fantasie Brillante
2016Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary, Symphony for Band, 'West Point', Elegy for Dunkirk, Lollapalooza
2017 Also Sprach Zarathustra, Fanfare for the Common Man, Wine Dark Sea, Little Green Men, On the Nature of Daylight, O Superman, Sun's Gone Dim, Mars from The Planets, My Way

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