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QUIZ: Can you name the orders of angiosperm and gymnosperm plants?

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 Ephedra, jointfir
 Pine, larch, yew
 Waterlily, fanwort
 Kadsura vine, star-anise
 Ascarina, chloranthus
 Canelo, pepperbush, horopito
 Birthwort, pepper, lizard's tail
 Laurel, spicebush, sassafras
 Magnolia, ylang-ylang, nutmeg
 Sweet flag
 Calla lily, water-plantain, flowering rush
 Petrosavia, japanolirion
 Yam, bog asphodel, batflower
 Kiekie, screw palm, toquilla
 Lily, fritillary, tulip
 Bluebell, orchid, iris
 Raffia, date palm, coconut
 Tradescantia, kangaroo paw, water hyacinth
 Grass, bromeliad, bulrush
 Banana, ginger, canna lily
 Buttercup, poppy, anemone
 Lotus, plane, protea
 Trochodendron, tetracentron
 Box, sweet box, pachysandra
 Gunnera, myrothamnus
 Sempervivum, peony, witch hazel
 Olivillo, coral plant
 Sandalwood, mistletoe, ballart
 Carnation, rhubarb, cactus
 Virginia creeper, grape
 Rhatany, caltrop, creosote bush
 Spindle, qat, grass of Parnassus
 Wood sorrel, starfruit, Chilean lantern
 Passion fruit, violet, mangrove
 Cucumber, begonia, watermelon
 Pea, liquorice, milkwort
 Birch, oak, walnut
 Rose, cannabis, fig
 Pelargonium, cranesbill, storksbill
 Willowherb, myrtle, eucalyptus
 Bladdernut, greasebush, stachyurus
 Cedrinho, alvaradoa
 Tapiscia, huertea, dipentodon
 Cabbage, nasturtium, mustard
 Cotton, baobab, hibiscus
 Mahogany, orange, maple
 Hydrangea, dogwood, mock orange
 Heather, primrose, tea
 Aucuba, eucommia, silk tassel
 Periwinkle, gentian, coffee
 Mint, foxglove, olive
 Bindweed, tomato, petunia
 Holly, citronella
 Daisy, lobelia, bogbean
 Escallonia, Tasmanian laurel
 Chilean holly, brunia
 Paracryphia, quintinia
 Elderberry, scabious, honeysuckle
 Carrot, ivy, cheesewood

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