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Where do the Losers' Club build the dam?
When he is older, what is Richie's occupation?
What type of disaster occurred at The Black Spot in 1930?
Who is Bill's wife?
What is the name of the chapter where Richie and Mike witness the coming of It?
What mental hospital does Henry serve time in as an adult?
What form of It does Eddie see at 29 Neibolt Street?
Who murdered a number of men in a bar in 1904 with an axe causing It's cycle to begin?
As a kid, what is Stan's main hobby?
Who reveals to Eddie that his asthma medicine is really a placebo?
Whose re-animated corpse picks up Henry and drops him off at the motel where the Losers' club members are staying (in 1985)?
Whose death does Beverly witness in the junkyard?
Which Guardian of the Beams helps advise a young Bill to defeat It?
What type of dead insects does Patrick Hockstetter keep in his pencil box?
What real-life city does Derry mirror?
What is the name of the large watertower in Derry?
What event were 108 kids participating in when the Kitchener Ironworks exploded?
How long does It rest before the next cycle begins?
Where do Beverly and Ben hide from Henry and his gang?
Which voice impression does Richie do the most often?
What board game do the Losers' Club members play at Bill's house to avoid being caught making silver bullets?
Which member of the Losers' Club becomes the librarian of Derry?
In what form does It speak to Henry Bowers with?
What does Stan write on his bathroom wall before committing suicide in 1985?
Who in the group has an overprotective mother?
Who is the unofficial leader of the Losers' Club?
What restaurant do the Losers' Club have their renunion at in 1985?
Who poisons and kills Mike's dog?
What does Ben write for Beverly?
How does Bill and the rest of the gang defeat It?

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