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Can you name the Minecraft things from A to Z?

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(A) Found In Caves Along With Granite and Diorite
(B) Passive Flying Mob
(C) Mob That Explodes When Close To Player
(D) Boss Monster Found In The End: Ender _____
(E) Item That When Thrown Can Spawn A Baby Chicken
(F) Crafted With 8 Cobblestone, Used to Smelt Items
(G) Grey Block With Gravity Physics (Not Concrete Powder)
(H) Minecraft Mode Where You Lose Your World If You Die
(I) Ingot Used To Make The Second Strongest Set Of Tools and Armour
(J) Minecraft Biome With Tall Trees and a Temple
(K) Enchantment That Will Cause Mobs or Players Hit To Fly Farther Backwards
(L) Potion/Beacon Effect That Causes Players To Jump Highter
(M) Used To Travel On Rails
(N) Dropped By The Wither When Killed and Used To Craft A Beacon
(O) Biome Where Guardians Will Spawn
(P) Block Used To Make Both Types Of Golems
(Q) Ore That Can Be Found In The Nether
(R) Red Ore Found In Overworld Caves
(S) Name Of The Default Male Minecraft Skin
(T) Crafted By Combining a Chest and a Tripwire Hook
(U) Enchantment That Will Make Tools or Armour Have Higher Durability
(V) NPC Mob Used For Trading
(W) Potion Effect That Will Reduce The Amount Of Damage a Mob or Player Can Do
(X) Abbreviation For Experience Points
(Y) The Color Of Glowstone
(Z) Minecraft Mob That Infects Villagers

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