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Can you name the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Winners?

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Year WonPerson Notable Achievements
19734x Oscar Winning Director (How Green was My Valley)
19741943 Oscar Winning Actor
1975Actor, Writer, Director in Citizen Kane
19763x Oscar Award Winning Director (Ben Hur)
19772x Oscar Winning Actress (Jezebel)
19781x Oscar Winning Actor (12 Angry Men)
19795x Oscar Nominated Director (Psycho)
19805x Oscar Nominated Actor (It's a Wonderful Life)
1981Successful Singer, Dancer, Actor
19823x Oscar Winning Director (It Happened One Night)
19832x Oscar Winning Writer & Director (Sergeant York)
1984Actress in Birth of a Nation
19851x Oscar Nominated Actor (Singin in the Rain)
19866x Oscar Winning Writer & Director (Sunset Blvd.)
19874x Oscar Nominated Actress (Ball of Fire)
19882x Oscar Winning Actor (The Apartment)
19891x Oscar Winning Actor (To Kill a Mockingbird)
19902x Oscar Winning Director (Lawrence of Arabia)
19913x Oscar Nominated Actor (Spartacus)
19921x Oscar Winning Actor (In the Heat of the Night)
Year WonPerson Notable Achievements
19932x Oscar Winning Actress (Cleopatra)
19943x Oscar Winning Actor (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
19953x Oscar Winning Director (Schindlers's List)
19964x Oscar Winning Actor & Director (Dirty Harry)
19971x Oscar Winning Director (Goodfellas)
19984x Oscar Winning Director (West Side Story)
19992x Oscar Winning Actor (Rain Man)
2000Actor in Indiana Jones and Star Wars series
20012x Oscar Winner for Best Song (A Star is Born)
20022x Oscar Winning Actor (Forrest Gump)
20032x Oscar Winning Actor (Taxi Driver)
200416x Oscar Nominated Actress (Julie & Julia)
2005Creator/Director of Star Wars and Indiana Jones series
20061x Oscar Winning Actor & Original James Bond
20071x Oscar Winning Actor (The Godfather)
20081x Oscar Winning Actor (Bonnie & Clyde)
20092x Oscar Winning Actor (Wall Street)
20101x Oscar Winning Director (The Graduate)
20111x Oscar Winning Actor (The Shawshank Redemption)

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