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Won 1st World Series in 1903
This pitcher hurled THREE Shutouts in the 1905 World Series
Last time the Red Sox won the World Series for 86 Years
The Boston Red Sox sold this player to the Yankees in 1920
The Yankees open Yankee Stadium and win the first of their 27 titles during the Year---
In what year did Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs for the 'Murders Row' Yankees, widely regarded as the greatest team ever?
The first ever All Star game was played in 1933 in what stadium?
In the 1934 All Star game, this pitcher struck out Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons and Joe Cronin, all hall of famers, in succession
In 1938, he became the first and only pitcher to throw back to back no - hitters
Even though he knew he was dying, this legend proclaimed himself 'The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth' on July 4th, 1939
In 1941, Joe Dimaggio put together the longest hitting streak in MLB history consisting of how many games?
Ted Williams became the last hitter to hit .400 when he posted what batting average during the 1941 season
He was the first African American player to play the game
The first African American to play in the American League
In 1951, this player hit the 'Shot Heard Round The World', a homer with two on and two out in the ninth inning on Oct. 3 that gave the New York Giants a 5-4 win over the Brooklyn D
This player made 'The Catch' an over the shoulder basket catch in the 1954 World Series against the Indians to help his team sweep
After losing to the Yankees in their previous five World Series matchups, this team Finally eked out a 4-3 series win, and 'Next Year' finally came for this team in 1955.
This player tossed the only No Hitter in playoff history. A Perfect game in the 1956 World Series
He hit a walk off homer in the bottom of the 9th in the 7th game of the 1960 World Series against the Yankees
On September 16th 1968, what pitcher notched his 30th victory of the season? A feat that no one has accomplished since.
Baseball's last 30 game winner pitched for the World Champion Tigers in 1968
The first Negro League player inducted into the Hall Of Fame
After picking up his 3,000th hit in his final AB of the 1972 season, he was killed in an airplane crash while delivering aid to earthquake victims in Central America
In 1974 He Broke Babe Ruth's all time home run record
MomentAnswerExtra info
This player's walk off, series ending homer against the Royals clinched the ALCS for the Yankees, and sent them to their first World Series since 1964
The last NL team to win back to back titles
In game 6 of the 1975 World Series, this Red Sox famously 'waived' his walk off home run fair, forcing a game 7 against the Big Red Machine
In game 6 of the 1977 World Series, he hit three consecutive home runs, off of three different pitchers, all on the first pitch
Since the franchise began in 1883, this franchise did not win a World Series until 1980
Trailing the Red Sox by two and down to their final strike, the Mets chances to win the 1986 World Series looked pretty bleak. Incredibly, after three base hits and a wild pitch, l
Trailing the Red Sox by two and down to their final strike, the Mets chances to win the 1986 World Series looked pretty bleak. Incredibly, after three base hits and a wild pitch th
The player who most consider the greatest leadoff man ever, set the all time stolen base record in 1991.
This pitcher threw his record SEVENTH No-Hitter in 1991!
In a game some consider the greatest game ever played
This Blue Jay beat the Phillies with a 3 run walk off homer to end game 6 and clinch the World Series for the Jays
This 'Iron Man' broke Lou Gehrig's record for consecutive games played in 1995
In 1997 Bud Selig announced that Major League Baseball would retire what number, never issuing it again?
One of two players to break Roger Maris's home run record in 1998 was---
And the other was---
One of the greatest baseball teams ever, the 1998 Yankees finished the season with how many victories?
The only team to win consecutive Championships (as of 2009) since the inception of the 5 game division series in 1995
In 2001, what player broke, yet again, the single season home run record by hitting 73?
In the 2001 World Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Yankees pulled off one of the greatest feats in Series history. Losing by two in game four and down to their final ou
In that same world series, the D'Backs had some tricks up their sleeve as well. In game 7, facing the greatest closer ever, this player's bloop hit won the Series for AZ.
The First Japanese player to win an MVP award was?
This player's ALCS ending homer against the Red Sox sent the Yankees to their 39th World Series in 2003
The only team to come back from a 3-0 deficit in a playoff series did so in the '04 ALCS en route to a Championship
After 10 years in the Cellar, this team came out of nowhere and won it's first Pennant on October 19th 2008

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