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SuperbowlPlay By Play Broadcaster(s)Color Broadcaster(s)
I (CBS)Frank Gifford
I (NBC)Paul Christman
IIPat Summerall and Jack Kemp
IIIAl DeRogatis and Kyle Rote
IVPat Summerall and Frank Girfford
VKyle Rote
VIPat Summerall
VIIAl DeRogatis
VIIIPat Summerall and Bart Starr
IXAl DeRogatis and Don Meredith
XTom Brookshier
XIDon Meredith
XIITom Brookshier
XIIIJohn Brodie and Merlin Olsen
XIVTom Brookshier
XVMerlin Olsen
XVIJohn Madden
XVIIMerlin Olsen
XVIIJohn Madden
XIXDon Meredith and Joe Theismann
XXMerlin Olsen and Bob Griese
XXIJohn Madden
XXIIFrank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf
SuperbowlPlay By Play Broadcaster(s)Color Broadcaster(s)
XXIIIMerlin Olsen
XXIVJohn Madden
XXVFrank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf
XXVIJohn Madden
XXVIIBob Trumpy
XXVIIIBob Trrumpy
XXIXFrank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf
XXXPhil Simms and Paul Maguire
XXXIJohn Madden
XXXIIPhil Simms and Paul Maguire
XXXIIIJohn Madden
XXXIVBoomer Esiason
XXXVPhil Simms
XXXVIJohn Madden
XXXVIIJohn Madden
XXXIXTroy Aikman and Cris Collinsworth
XLJohn Madden
XLIPhil Simms
XLIITroy Aikman
XLIIIJohn Madden
XLIVPhil Simms
XLVTroy Aikman

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