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Can you name the public US companies with highest revenue per employee?

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R./em.CompanyIndustry (Op.profit/em.)
15.81mOil & Gas - Integrated ($553k)
8.89mOil & Gas Operations ($511k)
7.83mDrug distribution ($117k)
6.30mOil & Gas Operations ($149k)
6.07mOil & Gas - Integrated ($150k)
4.84mPharmacy Benefit Mgt. ($174k)
4.65mOil & Gas - Integrated ($1.65m)
4.46mOil & Gas Operations ($982k)
4.25mPharmacy Benefit Mgt. ($117k)
4.08mOil & Gas Operations ($2.27m)
4.06mOil & Gas - Integrated ($782k)
3.33mOil & Gas Operations ($160k)
3.31mDrug distribution ($55k)
3.28mDrug distribution ($60k)
3.23mOil & Gas Operations ($1.21m)
3.22mNatural Gas Utilities ($240k)
3.18mOil & Gas - Integrated ($574k)
2.97mFood Processing ($59k)
2.86mOil & Gas Operations ($882k)
2.82mSupplemental insurance ($454k)
2.76mNonalcoholic beverages ($759k)
2.66mChemical Manufacturing ($1.29m)
2.55mOil & Gas Operations ($137k)
2.46mTobacco ($682k)
2.46mLife insurance ($125k)
2.32mTobacco ($664k)
2.17mOil & Gas - Integrated ($520k)
2.14mOil & Gas Operations ($706k)
2.14mOil & Gas - Integrated ($880k)
2.11mOil & Gas Operations ($371k)
2.09mBroadcasting ($485k)
2.00mPharmaceutical ($826k)
1.87mOil & Gas Operations ($103k)
1.85mOil & Gas Operations ($363k)
R./em.CompanyIndustry (Op.profit/em.)
1.78mCrops ($24k)
1.67mWireless infrastructure ($576k)
1.63mHealth insurance ($103k)
1.55mTobacco ($462k)
1.38mBroadcasting & Cable TV ($356k)
1.35mComputer Services ($187k)
1.35mP&C Insurance ($216k)
1.34mConsumer Fin. Services ($263k)
1.33mComputer Services ($405k)
1.33mComputer Storage ($262k)
1.32mChem. Manufacturing ($312k)
1.26mComm. Services ($480k)
1.21mOil & Gas Operations ($440k)
1.16mInvestment Services ($687k)
1.16mPharmaceutical ($395k)
1.15mP&C Insurance ($85k)
1.14mBroadcasting & Cable TV ($272k)
1.13mChemicals ($61k)
1.11mBroadcasting & Cable TV ($190k)
1.11mBanks ($232k)
1.09mHealth insurance ($93k)
1.07mMedical Equipment ($429k)
1.07mPharmaceutical ($353k)
1.07mOil & Gas - Integrated ($183k)
1.07mLife insurance ($146k)
1.06mConsumer Fin. Services ($441k)
1.05mElectric Utilities ($250k)
1.05mHealth insurance ($93k)
1.04mPharmaceuticals ($260k)
1.03mElectric Utilities ($171k)
1.02mP&C insurance ($159k)
1.02mElectric Utilities ($259k)
995kNatural Gas Utilities ($197k)
994kTobacco ($174k)
R./em.CompanyIndustry (Op.profit/em.)
993kOil & Gas Operations ($235k)
974kIron & Steel ($46k)
970kBroadcasting & Cable TV ($387k)
967kRetail ($11k)
962kBusiness Services ($324k)
961kAlcoholic beverages ($217k)
960kElectric Utilities ($127k)
957kHealth insurance ($52k)
944kPharmaceuticals ($293k)
940kPharmaceuticals ($272k)
914kNatural Gas Utilities ($297k)
912kInvestment Services ($114k)
906kElectric Utilities ($157k)
895kP&C Insurance ($80k)
889kElectric Utilities ($138k)
887kFood distribution ($40k)
884kInvestment Services ($320k)
866kComm. Equipment ($264k)
866kComm. Services (loss)
854kElectric Utilities ($171k)
852kBroadcasting & Cable TV ($164k)
851kP&C Insurance ($93k)
843kInvestment Services ($304k)
829kElectric Utilities ($150k)
823kPharmaceuticals ($78k)
813kAuto & Truck ($37k)
810kElectric Utilities ($126k)
806kHealth insurance ($60k)
799kElectric Utilities ($146k)
790kElectric Utilities ($187k)
790kSemiconductors ($78k)
784kSoftware & Programming ($231k)

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