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Can you name the Largest Federal Contractors by dollar volume (FY 2008)?

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Amount ($m)CompanyMain product/service
24,922Aircraft carriers, assault ships, eng. services
16,554Combat, assault, and tactical vehicles
14,276Guided missiles
14,245Combat, assault, and tactical vehicles
13,931Construction of structures and facilities
8,973Aircraft (rotary wing)
7,464Engineering and technical services
5,998Logistics support services (army)
5,897ADP and telecom services
4,816Combat, assault, and tactical vehicles (navy)
4,751ADP and telecom services
4,715Trucks and truck tractors
4,676Drugs and biologicals
Amount ($m)CompanyMain product/service
4,504Electronic countermeasures, etc. (army, navy)
4,047R&D, program management, engineering services
3,909Gas turbines and jet engines, aircraft
3,785Operating gov. facilities
3,608Oper.,constr. gov. R&D facilities, nuclear reactors
2,952General health care services (KY)
2,858Trucks and truck tractors, drones
2,670ADP and telecom services
2,454General health care services (CA)
2,440Operating facilities, prod. gas turbines
2,405Telecom equipment & services
2,367Military members health care services
2,296Systems engineering services

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