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Can you name the Big 4 teams by their first stadiums?

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23rd Street Grounds (MLB)
American League Park (MLB)*
Arena Gardens (NHL)
Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum (NBA)
Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim (NHL)
Atlanta Stadium (NFL)
Baker Bowl (NFL)
Bank One Ballpark (MLB)
Bennett Park (MLB)
Border Cities Arena (NHL)
Boston Arena (NHL)
Boston Garden (NBA)
Braves Field (NFL)*
Buffalo Memorial Auditorium (NBA)*
Capital Centre (NHL)
Charlotte Coliseum (NBA)
Charlotte Coliseum (NBA)*
Chicago Coliseum (NHL)
Civic Arena (NHL)
Cleveland Arena (NBA)
Cleveland Municipal Stadium (NFL)
Cleveland Municipal Stadium (NFL)*
Colissée de Québec (NHL)*
Colt Stadium (MLB)
Columbia Park (MLB)*
Cotton Bowl (NFL)
Cow Palace (NHL)
Edgerton Park Arena (NBA)*
Exhibition Stadium (MLB)
Expo Hall (NHL)
Forbes Field (NFL)
General Motors Place (NBA)*
Griffith Stadium (MLB)*
Hagemeister Park (NFL)
Harvard Stadium (NFL)
HemisFair Arena (NBA)
Houston Astrodome (NFL)*
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome (NBA)
Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds (MLB)
International Amphitheatre (NBA)
International Amphitheatre (NBA)*
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium (NFL)
Jarry Park (MLB)*
Joe Robbie Stadium (MLB)
Kemper Arena (NHL)*
Kezar Stadium (NFL)
Kingdome (MLB)
Kingdome (NFL)
League Park (Cincinnati) (MLB)
League Park (Cleveland) (MLB)
Lloyd Street Grounds (MLB)*
Louisiana Superdome (NBA)*
Madison Square Garden III (NBA)
Madison Square Garden III (NHL)
Market Square Arena (NBA)
McNichols Sports Arena (NBA)
Memorial Auditorium (NHL)
Memorial Coliseum (NBA)
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore) (NFL)
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore) (NFL)*
Memorial Stadium (Clemson) (NFL)
Metropolitan Sports Center (NHL)*
Metropolitan Stadium (NFL)
Miami Arena (NBA)
Miami Arena (NHL)
Mile High Stadium (MLB)
Mile High Stadium (NFL)
Milwaukee Arena (NBA)
Montreal Arena (NHL)
Municipal Stadium (Kansas City) (MLB)
Municipal Stadium (Kansas City) (NFL)
Nashville Arena (NHL)
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (NBA)*
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (NHL)
Nationwide Arena (NHL)
Normal Park (NFL)*
North Side High School Gym (NBA)*
Northlands Coliseum (NHL)
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (NFL)
Omni Coliseum (NHL)*
Orange Bowl (NFL)
Oriole Park (MLB)*
Orlando Arena (NBA)
Ottawa Civic Centre (NHL)
Pacific Coliseum (NHL)
Philadelphia Arena (NBA)*
Philips Arena (NHL)
Polo Grounds I (MLB)*
Polo Grounds IV (MLB)
Polo Grounds IV (NFL)
Recreation Park (Philadelphia) (MLB)
Recreation Park (Pittsburgh) (MLB)
Reliant Stadium (NFL)
Reunion Arena (NBA)
Riverfront Stadium (NFL)
San Diego Sports Arena (NBA)*
San Diego Stadium (MLB)
San Diego Stadium (NFL)
Seattle Center Coliseum (NBA)*
Shea Stadium (NFL)
Sick's Stadium (MLB)*
SkyDome (NBA)
South End Grounds (MLB)*
South Side Park (MLB)
Sportsman's Park (MLB)
Springfield Civic Center (NHL)*
St. Louis Arena (NHL)
St. Paul Auditorium (NBA)*
Staley Field (NFL)
State Fair Coliseum (NBA)*
Tampa Stadium (NFL)
The Forum (NHL)
The Spectrum (NHL)
Tropicana Field (MLB)
Tulane Stadium (NFL)
Universal Stadium (NFL)*
War Memorial Stadium (NFL)
Washington Park (MLB)*
Wharton Fieldhouse (NBA)*
Winnipeg Arena (NHL)*
Wrigley Field (MLB)
Xcel Energy Center (NHL)

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