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Can you guess these Rihanna songs?

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LyricSong TitleAlbum and Year
Breathe in breathe out _____2015
Sticks and stones may break my bones Loud
____ to the freaking weekend ____Loud
_____in a hopeless placeTalk That Talk
That I,I,I, I'm so ___Rated R
_______ and affectionUnapologetic
I want you to _______Unapologetic
Please don't stop the ____Good Girl Gone Bad
Come on Mr. DJ song _______Music Of The Sun
______ all my lifeTalk That Talk
______ that I dream about all dayTalk That Talk
And I know that he knows I'm ______A Girl Like Me
____ y'all should know me well enough2015
LyricSong TitleAlbum and Year
_____ he see me do miAnti
_____ please someone help meA Girl Like Me
______ I just can't figure it outUnapologetic
______ from wildin and we got 3 more days til Friday2015
Oh mama mama mama I just shot a __Loud
Oh na na ________Loud
Come here ______ , boyRated R
______ boy, cuz you got me feelin naughtyA Girl Like Me
And I ________ soGood Girl Gone Bad
We're like _____ in the skyUnapologetic
________, drive drive Good Girl Gone Bad
You can stand under my ________Good Girl Gone Bad
It ain't _____ but mine and my babyUnapologetic

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