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AElf Princess
BEragon's First Mentor
CEragon's Home Town
DOrik is a _____
ECapital of the Elves
FA Mountain in the Beor Mountains, Tronjheim is Located Inside Here
GKing of the Empire
HRoran Chooses to Fight With a ______
IThe _______ Cycle
JScholar; worked with Ships in Teirm
KRoran's Lover
LWest of Dras-Leona lies Leona ____
MBetrayed the Dragon Riders
NAjihad's Daughter and Successor
O'The Cripple Who is Whole'
PCarvahall is in ______ Valley.
Q_____ Islanzadí
RThe _____ Killed Eragon's Uncle
SEragon's Dragon
T'The Menoa ____'
UHorned Servants Forced to Serve Empire
VAlliance Against the Empire
WSolembum is a _______
YEragon's First Magic at this City
ZEragon's First Sword

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