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DescriptionCharacterChar. in Real Life
Gets murdered on top of a buildingReal
Has to remake a car in front of a crowd of people by himselfFictional
Actually finds success after leaving New YorkFictional
Has a child but ends up dying soon afterFictional
Loves doing magic tricksReal
Very wealthy collector but cannot find true meaning in his lifeReal
A psychiatrist about sex and society in AmericaReal
Dissapointed by her marriage, she remarries towards the endFictional
Journalist and advocate of the poorReal
DescriptionCharacterChar. in Real Life
Mother's Younger Brother's ObsessionReal
Visits North Pole, comes back to find his family in a much different wayFictional
Can make bombsFictional
Explains how all he fought for will go to waste with Coalhouse's rampageReal
Invents assembly lineReal
Goes nutsFictional
Prostitutes herself for moneyFictional
A social activist who calls out EvelynReal
Has to deal with Coalhouse's rampage on Morgan's libraryFictional

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