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Can you guess the pokemon that matches the given description?

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Grass-type eevolution.
Only fossil pokemon that doesn't evolve.
The only legendary pokemon known to be able to breed.
Gen I pokemon that can only be obtained through a glitch on pokemon red/green/blue/yellow.
Fourth gen squirrel pokemon.
The only pure flying type pokemon.
Its appearance depends on the season. It can evolve.
It's the only pokemon capable of evolving on three different evolutions.
Alolan pokedex.
Pokemon with the largest amount of alternate forms.
Pokemon attached to a Slowbro's tail according to the pokedex entries.
Pokemon number #000 in the Unova pokedex.
This pokemon is seeked for holding a heart scale in wild.
First pokemon introduced with an useless ability. Evolved form.
True Pokemon God according to the Helixism (fandom based religion).
Pokemon that hatches from the mystery egg.
Eusine has been chasing this pokemon for 10 years.
The only non-legendary pokemon that was banned by Smogon in gen V.
Pokemon with the lowest base stats.
The only dragon type pokemon in gen II pokedex.
A pokemon that can learn almost any move.
God and creator of the pokemon universe.
It's known as the fastest pokemon ever.
Both of its alternative evolutions require a trading condition.
Champion Cynthia's signature pokemon.
Trading it for a Shelmet is the only way to evolve this pokemon.
The only mega evolution that doesn't need a mega stone.
Pokemon based on a Yuki-onna or snow woman.
Pokemon that splashes like no other.
Pokemon you receive from a traded Abra in Route 2 (Kanto).
Pokemon usually mistaken for a tree. It dislikes being watered.
The only electric type pokemon that evolves via trading.
Well-known pokemon for its ongoing feud against Zangoose.
First legendary pokemon to appear in the anime series.
Pokemon with the largest amount of HP.
Pokemon that keeps a symbiosis relationship with Mantine.
Pokemon whose name belongs to a map location in Kanto.
Water type pokemon known as the most beautiful.
Favorite Pokemon Fan Club Chairman's pokemon.
First pokemon shown to have Snow warning ability. Evolved form.

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