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Can you identify which characters are SHIELD and which are Hydra in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? [SPOILERS!]

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AgentSHIELD (S) or Hydra (H)?
Sunil Bakshi
Natasha Romanoff
Chan Ho Yin
Sam Koenig
Tony Stark
Bobbi Morse
Alphonso MacKenzie
Dr. Streiten
Akela Amadour
Nick Fury
Johann Schmidt
Billy Koenig
Mike Peterson
Grant Ward
Agent 33
Julien Beckers
Emile Zola
Clint Barton
Lance Hunter
Senator Stern
Peggy Carter
Kenneth Turgeon
Anne Weaver
James Buchanan Barnes
AgentSHIELD (S) or Hydra (H)?
Phil Coulson
Howard Stark
Jasper Sitwell
Heinz Kruger
Brock Rumlow
Veronica Hand
Sharon Carter
Carl Creel
Eric Koenig
Jemma Simmons
Antoine Triplett
Wolfgang von Strucker
Franklin Hall
Alexander Pierce
Leo Fitz
Isabelle Hartley
Steve Rogers
Felix Blake
Melinda May
Maria Hill
Ian Quinn
John Garrett
Eric Selvig
Donnie Gill
Daniel Whitehall

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