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What brand of liquor does Jerry keep in his apartment?
What type of liquor get Elaine to open her vault?
Who double parks in front of George and Kramer at the liquor store?
What does Elaine tell Susan her boyfriend imports and exports?
What does George tell Susan that Elaine's boyfriend imports?
How many computers does Art Vandelay buy?
What movie did Elaine and Todd Gack see?
What did Kramer feed Rusty?
Who did Todd Gack bet was in Star Wars?
What does Frank Constanza find distracting (during Christmas time)?
Who does George think Elaine's coffee stain look like?
What are Jerry and Ethan drinking when Jessie interrupts (The Wig Master)?
What Yankees player is supposed to attend the Pledge Drive?
What candy is included on the Kramer reality tour?
What song wins Mr. Pitt a spot in the Macy's Day Parade?
What does Newman drink after eating broccoli?

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