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Can you name the artist by their quote from a Lonely Island song?

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To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress, it's easy to do just follow these steps.
It's perfectly normal, nothing wrong with me. But we're gonna need a cleanup on aisle 3.
I got hepatitis c from horse, but no confusion, JEAH! It wasn't from the sex it was a blood transfusion
I got my digital camera, I'mma make your mama do a million poses
Never thought I'd be on a boat, its a big, blue watery road. Poseidon look at me!
It's all about the Hamiltons baby!
So this one's dedicated to them girls, who let us flop around on top of them
He's the pauper of the surf, the jester of Tortuga
When I was in Harvard I smoked weed every day, I cheated every test and snorted all the yay
This was a cautionary tale. A boombox is not a toy!
As they disrobed I was oogling and ogling. Little did they know that for me they were modeling
Hanging like my nuts
And when he blew into that horn all the people gathered 'round. Club manager jumped right up and said, 'Boy, I gotta have that sound'
Chex Mix, you're the only snack for me. You're the only one i'll ever eat
The fatter, the fluffier the puffier the bigger the turtleneck the more gangsta it is
Oh no! Oh no! He pissed himself!
Come home, and in my arms you'll stay
You guys are still here
Cool guys don't look at explosions, they stride away in their diamond covered boots
Mr. Samberg, thanks for coming to your performance review*

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