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Romantic and Classical Balletfamous peopleballets
Starred Taglionistory of a man tricked by a witch to but scarf around magical sylph that kills her
journalist that riduculed male dancersoften wrote scenerios on ballets like Giselle
ballet set to a certain piece of musiccomposers Lully and Rameau
Composed Giselle
Starred in La Sylphide and Pas de quatreThe embodiment of the spirit of Romantic Ballet
Grand Russian teacher of 20 century dancers
ballet about ordinary ppl with a strong femal character
ballet composed in 1581first ballet composed in Europe
Russian who composed the Nutcracker and Swan Lake
Created Corps De Balletmade back dancers as important as main ones
Starred in Chachucha, Taglioni rival
Composed most famous classical balletsWas born in France but became famous in Russia
Plotless ballet that starred Taglioni, Cerrito, Grisi, and GrahnPerformed at Majesty's theater and showed off the four dancers talents
Classical Ballots composed by Petipa
ballet told stories through gesturesJean Noverre main composer
Romantic and Classical Balletfamous peopleballets
Radical composer the represented the future
Composed Giselle and Pas de Quarte
Father of famous dancer, created pointe shoes
Composed La Fille mal Gardee
Starred Carlotta GrisiStory of love triangle between a girl that falls in love with a prince but is engaged, she dies of grief when she discovers he is married.
Composer that represented the past, main composer for Louis XIV
More than 2 acts and usually nationalistic
wrote The code of Terpsichore and the elementar treatise....
Began by the production of Robert le DiableAbout supernatural ideas that defied reality
Where Classical Ballet was formed?Main Ballet Theater in Russia founded by Lande
ballet produced in 1789
The second act of classical balletThis act was usually dream like
A Spanish DanceFanny Elssler starred in
Adagio, Male Variation, Femal Variation, FinaleFound in Classical Ballets of the 19th century
Created Royal Danish Ballet

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