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QUIZ: Can you name the things that pop-up when these phrases are typed into Google?

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How tall is...?
Reality TV star 
Pop star/tween idol 
Recording artist/producer 
Pop/R&B singer 
Royal fiancee 
Mononymous rapper 
Reality TV star 
How long is...?
Ben Stiller movie sequel 
Holy season 
Ancient Asian structure 
Type of foot race 
Metric measurement 
Type of foot race 
Who killed...?
US President 
'green' mode of transportation 
British musician/songwriter 
Hip-hop artist 
Civil rights leader 
How did ______ die?
Martial artist/actor 
Jamaican musician/singer 
US musician/singer 
Australian actor 
R&B/Pop artist 
US actress 
US President 
US actress 
Magician/escape artist 
Who is faster than...?
Jamaican sprinter 
NFL wide receiver 
Comic book superhero 
NFL running back 
Martial artist/actor 
US swimmer 
NFL running back 
Where can I see...?
Natalie Portman film 
Michelle Williams film 
night sky phenomenon 
James Franco film 
recent Oscar winner 
1982 film with recent sequel 
popular e-reader 
recent documentary film 
whistle-blowing website 

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