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Can you name the words or phrases with two or more sets of 'ou' in them?

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Traffic circle or Yes song
Having showy or frilly ornamentation, especially on a woman's garment
Person who consistently uses rude or inappropriate language
Dish made of fine grains popular in Africa and the Middle East
Audio feature of a great home or cinema theater
When a basketball player receives six infractions
Not deterred by danger; brave; valiant
The practice of subcontracting employees, especially from foreign countries
Place where railroad cars are joined together, or a type of kick
Type of bread (popular in San Francisco) often used to make pretzels
Greek stringed instrument similar to a mandolin
This 'modern' convenience often had moon-shaped windows
Object of Ponce de Leon's quest
Heading to Miami from Boston, on I-95
A pair of mischievous or dangerous things or an Elvis Presley album
Parisian cabaret theatre that inspired a Nicole Kidman movie
Egyptian who became Secretary-General of the UN
The capital of Burkina Faso
In a restaurant, it could be Chicken Noodle today and Tomato Bisque tomorrow.
A key part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Equal to half a (short) ton
Complying with contemporary conventional norms; marked by good manners

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