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Can you name the various things from The Simpsons (seasons 3-5)?

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Homer's exact double
The secret ingredient in a Flaming Homer/Moe
The food product Homer is able to enjoy due to being a white male aged 18-49
The word that causes an argument between Freddy Quimby and the French waiter
Where Homer's stake lands on his first attempt to kill the vampire Burns
The band Barney calls for when the Red Hot Chili Peppers are booked to play at Moe's
The boy trapped in a well that Bart invented as a prank
The name under which Bart writes love letters to Mrs. Krabappel
The athlete whose picture is used for the above letters
The nerve tonic addict and only active ballplayer left who guest starred in 'Homer At the Bat'
The character who wins the multimillion-dollar lottery in season 3
Patty and Selma's favorite TV show
Grampa's (and his fellow seniors') favorite TV show
The word Homer calls Otto that causes the bus driver to pummel a wall in rage
What Homer means by 'that metal dealie you use to'
The character the Kamp Krusty counselors try to pass off as the real Krusty
The only character drawn with five fingers on each hand (season 4)
Homer sells tickets to ride in one of these to enter Lisa in a beauty pageant
Homer shoots the undead version of this character without realizing he/she was a zombie
A man tosses a box full of this celebrity's nude photos down a bottomless pit, only to have them come back up
Bart's future occupation after he was banned from seeing the Itchy and Scratchy movie
What Marge and Homer did after they couldn't find another all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant
Young Bart: 'Can't sleep...'
True or false: you can get mono by riding a monorail
Any of the other towns where Lyle Lanley has sold monorails
Who Lisa claims to be after drinking the water in a Duff Gardens ride
The song that the DJ accidentally plays on Valentine's Day and again on President's Day
Hans Moleman's age, according to his confession at an Alc-Anon meeting
What a worker attempts to steal from Burns' grandfather's factory
The character who receives credit for an Itchy and Scratchy episode written by Bart and Lisa
What Bart thinks would have been a better title for 'Johnny Tremain'
Superintendent Chalmers is trying to pick this up when Bart crashes a tractor into him
Marge is arrested for not paying for this product at the Kwik-E-Mart
The only celebrity who decides not to attend Krusty's comeback special
The title of The Be Sharps' second album
The Simpsons' new last name when they enter a witness relocation program
The college nerds unplug the Simpsons' TV because they need an outlet for this machine
Dean Peterson says he used to be the bass player for this band
The 1976 version of this hockey team is part of the Jury of the Damned
Homer can't come to the ballet with Marge because he is trapped in two of these
What Milhouse gets shaved into the back of his head during a sugar bender
When Homer tries to 'think unsexy thoughts,' he imagines Barney in a bikini singing this TV theme song
Capital City's nickname
The owner of the pair of glasses that Homer finds in the toilet
The name Homer gives to the gambling monster that has enslaved Marge
The embarassing item stolen from Bart by the Springfield Cat Burglar
Field trip destination enjoyed only by Martin and Principal Skinner
Homer prank calls the president in hopes of getting some of this
Bart swear to Rod and Todd that there's no sugar in this product
In a deleted scene, Burns unleashes a robotic version of this celebrity on Homer

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