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Can you find the JRPG character who's name starts with C?

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The recurring name in the Final Fantasy series
Vector Imperial General, has Runic ability (FF6)
The Bushido samurai of Doma (FF6)
Goes from Dark Knight to Paladin (FF4)
Wields the Buster Sword (FF7)
A cat on top of a Moogle (FF7)
The main protagonist of Chrono Trigger
Searches for Princess Elina (Breath of Fire 4)
Servant of Teo McDohl (Suikoden 1)
Gremio owes her money (Suikoden 1)
On the hunt against Elza (Suikoden 2)
Captain of the Six Zexen Knights (Suikoden 3)
Thomas' bodyguard (Suikoden 3)
Nay-Kobold merchant (Suikoden 4)
Princess of Kooluk (Suikoden Tactics)
Scarlet Moon soldier who investigates Rune Cannons (Suikoden Tactics)
Defiant Highlander (Star Ocean 1)
Heraldry magician (Star Ocean 2)
Quirky reporter (Star Ocean 2)
Male main character of Star Ocean: Second Story
Princess of Adlehyde (Wild Arms 1)
Family man with wife Catherine and daughter Caitlyn (Wild Arms 3)
If Ayn marries Sari his son is... (Phantasy Star 3)
Main protagonist of Phantasy Star IV
Main protagonist and fighter of Tales of Phantasia
Archer and best friend of Cress (Tales of Phantasia)
Scholar and summoner (Tales of Phantasia)
Cute but powerful archer (Tales of Destiny)
Pirate girl who fights with a handbag (Tales of Eternia)
The chosen of Sylvarant (Tales of Symphonia)
Can grow into the size of a gear (Xenogears)
Medical doctor, Solaris Guardian Angel (Xenogears)
Mutant who is sent with Arthur (FF Legend 3)
Ranger who is friendly to the animals (Romancing Saga 1)
The Pooka Prince of Odin Sphere
The heroine of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Prier's younger brother (La Pucelle Tactics)
Freelance demon hunter (La Pucelle Tactics)
Spherical robot created by Kato (Live-a-Live)
Main protagonist of Growlanser, also featured in Growlanser 2
Young soldier of noble blood (Growlanser 2)
Protagonist of Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time
Princess of the Kalxath Kingdom (Langrisser 2)
Original name of Jessica in the Langrisser series
Duke who is friends with the nation of Baltia (Warsong)
Little forest daughter (Seiken Densetsu 3)
Joins Wil Knights as a hunter (SaGa Frontier 2)
Third Aquatallion Member (Secret of the Stars)
One of Alena's companions (DQ4)
Roaming warrior (DQ6)
Cleric, playable in the Demon Path (Soul Nomad)

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