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Can you find the JRPG character who's name starts with A?

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Has the title of Tsarvena (DQ4)
Mage from Sorceria (DQ6)
Knight who can transform into a powerful beast (DQ6)
Tribal Dancer (DQ7)
Templar, brother of Marcello (DQ8)
Royal Guard of Alexandria (FF9)
He can throw weapons at enemies for extra damage (FF9)
Just a best friend (FF3)
The last of the Cetras (FF7)
Old swordsman looking for successor (Star Ocean 1)
He is fused with Gyoro and Ururun (Star Ocean 2)
Lone daughter of the Beoulve Family (FF Tactics)
Holy Knight assigned to guard Ovelia (FF Tactics)
In service of Marquis Elmdor (FF Tactics)
Orphan with psychic abilities (Live-a-Live)
The green-haired fighter (Lufia)
Trusty Elf (Lufia 2)
Monk who wishes to avenge the death of her master (Lufia 3)
Riskbreaker (Vagrant Story)
Fused with a demon (Wild Arms 2)
Temporary member, wielder of Sword Magess (Wild Arms 2)
Fights with feathers and magic (Wild Arms 4)
Has the Purify Weird Soul ability Dreaded Dragon (Valkyrie Profile)
Wields a long sword, has Final Blast (Valkyrie Profile)
Member of Vigilance (Kartia)
King of Serdio (Legend of Dragoon)
Flying half-elf witch (Tales of Phantasia)
Gambling, womanizing sailor (Grandia 3)
Softspoken communicator (Grandia 3)
Tagalong to the mercenaries (Suikoden 3)
Uses the Double Tusk Rune (Suikoden 3)
One of three ninjas (Suikoden 4)
Scarlet Moon Empire spy in Walter's group (Suikoden Tactics)
'You'll go no further, for her sake, I will not fail!' (Phantom Brave)
Girl with PSI Abilities (Earthbound ZERO)
Becomes Dragonmaster in Lunar 1
Wishes to avenger her brother Nero (Phantasy Star)
Doctor (Phantasy Star 2)
Hunter (Phantasy Star 2)
If Rhys marries Maya his son is... (Phantasy Star 3)
If Nial marries Laya his son is... (Phantasy Star 3)
If Nial marries Alair his son is... (Phantasy Star 3)
The Eighth-Stroke Warrior (Phantasy Star 4)
The main character of the Ys series
Protagonist of Terranigma
Silent protagonist, high priest (Dual Orb 2)
Loyal pirate companion (Skies of Arcadia)
Prehistoric tribe chief (Chrono Trigger)
The chosen one (Alcahest)
Mysterious Growsian girl (Growlanser 2)
Daughter of Xironia Federation's president (Growlanser 3)
Prince of Rosalia (Romancing Saga 1)
Wandering nomad tomboy (Romancing Saga 1)
Main human character of the party (FF Legend 3)
Killed and turned into half-mystic (Saga Frontier)
Princess of a magical land (Seiken Densetsu 3)
Devout priestess, revealed to be the Maiden of Light (La Pucelle Tactics)

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