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Can you name the bands that performed songs containg their own band name?

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Opening LyricsBandSong title
Hey Hey Hey, What did I tell you before when I was up
Company, Always on the run. Destiny, Is the rising sun.
[Name] just buy his baby diamond ring. If that diamond ring don't shine
[Name], [Name], They might be rain
A small cloud has fallen. The white mist hits the ground
Punk rocker, hip-hoopers. Brit poppers, show stoppers
See my body, it's nothing to get hung about. I'm nobody except genetic runaround.
What is this that stands before me? Figure in black which points at me
Sunrise, wrong side of another day. Sky high and six thousand miles away
Won't you come into my room, I wanna show you all my wares. I just want to see your blood, I just want to stand and stare.
Opening LyricsBandSong title
New york city, N.Y.C., PRETTY MEAN WHEN IT WANTS TO BE, BLACK LEATHER, KNEE-HOLE PANTS, Cant play no high school dance,
Aaahhn [spells name] go [spells name] That's just what [name] gotta' be Can't you see this is an emergency
Lovely Exercise in your frustration, unconditionally (Love me) If I need some salvation, I have only one.
My name is [name] and I am funky, My name is [name] the one and only
That's a strange name. Where is it coming from?
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey, don't you know that I love you?
I've never seen you look like this without a reason. Another promise fallen through, another season passes by you
She keeps her Moet et Chandon in her pretty cabinet. 'Let them eat cake' she says just like Marie Antoinette
Well I'm all in put it up on the board. Another rapper show down from the mouth that roared.
Are you under the impression This isn't your life? Do you dabble in depression?

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