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Can you name the Horselord Hodgepodge?

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The father of Eorl
The banner-bearer of Theoden
The former name of Rohan when it was a province of Gondor
The flower that grows on the mounds of Rohan's deceased kings
The pony Merry rides from Helm's Deep
The commander of the Rohirrim who do not march to the Black Gate
The line of horses from Felarof to Shadowfax
The mathematical expression of the number of 'Horse-men' according to Ghan-buri-Ghan
The mother of Elfwine the Fair
The sword of Eomer
The number of leagues between Edoras and Minas Tirith
The father of Wormtongue
The rider of Rohan who questions the wisdom of giving a horse to Gimli
The speaker of the adage, 'Where will wants not, a way opens.'
The stream forming the border between the Eastfold and Anorien
The prince whose remains Aragorn discovers on the Paths of the Dead
The color of Erkenbrand's horn
The rider of Rohan who first feels the wind change presaged by Ghan-buri-Ghan
The minstrel who sings Theoden's dirge
The meaning of 'orthanc' in the language of the Mark

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