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QUIZ: Do you know how to say these verbs in Dutch?

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to travel
to pay off
to substitute
to take
to give
to move (to another house/apartment)
to talk
to speak
to sleep
to understand
to wait
to offer
to see
to lie somewhere
to help
to rescue
to look
to meet
to propose, to suggest
to bring
to smoke
to be
to work
to fit, to suit
to drink
to do
to cost
to listen
to pay
to find
to prepare, to make
to weigh
to receive as a gift
to come
to study
to earn
to react
to have
to sell
to sit
to taste, to try
to ask
to eat
to begin
to warn
to choose
to put, to set, to lay
to say
to go
to know
to spare, to save
to visit
to know
to search, to seek
to order
to dial
to arrange, to agree upon
to be named/called
to ride a bicycle
to live
to be able to, can
to stand
to buy
to wish, to want
to hear
to look after, to nurse
to take, to pack

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