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There's a in my POCKET
And ain my BOOKCASE
And ain my WINDOW
Did you ever have a feeling there's ain your BASKET?
Or a in your BUREAU?
Or a in your CLOSET?
Sometimes I feel quite CERTAIN there's a in the CURTAIN
Sometimes I have the feeling there's a behind the CLOCK
And thaton the SHELF! I have talked to him myself
That's the kind of house I live in. There's ain the SINK
And ain the LAMP. And they're rather nice I think
Some of them are very friendly. Like thein the POT
But thatin the BOTTLE. Some are friendly, some are not.
I like theon the TABLE
And that under the CHAIR
But thaton the SOFA...Well, I wish he wasn't there
All thosein the CUPBOARDS. They're good fun to have about
But thaton my TOOTH BRUSH...Him I could do without
The only one I'm really scared of is that under the RUG
And thatup the CHIMNEY...I don't like him. Not at all
And it makes me sort of nervous when thescoots down the HALL
But Thoseon the STEPS- They're great fun to have around. And so are many, many other friends that I have found
Like theand
thein the CELLAR
And theon the CEILING
and thein my SHOWER
and theon the PILLOW

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