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Sometimes in a description, a color in () will appear. This means that the color there is used AS THE ANSWER FOT THAT LETTER. It is used to not give away any answers.
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AA light blue.
BA color usually used when describing dirt.
CA turquoise-like color. Very similar to (A).
DA blue-ish color, also a material commonly used in jeans.
EA (G) color, also a kind of gemstone.
FA Pink color, also a type of flower.
GA color often associated with plants and trees.
HA vivid pink. (2 words)
IA Crayola color which is a shade of (G) and is a bug.
JA green color. Also a gemstone.
KA light (B) which is also a fabric.
LA type of (P). Also a flower.
MA type of (P) and a character found in Blues Clues.
NA very dark blue. (2 words)
OA color and a fruit.
PA mix of (R) and blue.
QA clear crystal which is also a color.
ROne of the primary colors.
SA light blue (2 words).
TA light (B).
UAn earth-like color. Also a mineral.
VAn orange- red color. Also a town in Pokemon.
WThe color of milk, plain paper and tissues.
XA greenish-grey color named after leaves.
YOne of the primary colors.
ZA dark blue color.

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