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Can you name the X-Men Characters by their Powers and Abilities Given?

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Power/ AbilitiesCharacterAllegiance
Retractable Claws, Fangs, Healing Factor,Weapon X, Brotherhood
Ability to Syphon Energy, Life Force, Memories and Abilities through Skin Contact X-Men, Brotherhood, X-Treme X-Men
Flight, Strength, Concussive Blasts from handsAvengers, U.S. Air Force
Twin Slugs make up digestive system, PsychometryX-Men
Control over Rock and EarthX-Men: The First Krakoa Team
Superhuman Strength, Speed and DurabilityX-Men
Expulsion of Thermo-Chemical Energy, FlightX-Men, X-Force, New Mutants
Amphibious Qualities such as Secretion and an Elongated TongueBrotherhood
Superhuman InventionX-Men, X-Factor
Copying of Mutant's PowersX-Men
Various Superhuman Abilities, Olympic Trained Gymnast, HealingWeapon X, X-Factor, Alpha, Omega, and Gamma 'Flights'
Inter- Dimensional Teleportation, Time Travel, Astral ProjectionNew Mutants
Body Acts as Storehouse for large amounts of Psychic EnergyX-Men, Weapon X
Ability to Generate Duplicates of HimselfX-Factor Investigations
Generates Bone Weapons from SkeletonX-Men, Morlocks
Involuntary Psioplasmatic Field when ThreatenedX-Men
Butterfly Wings, Pixie DustX-Men
Creation and Control Of IceX-Men
Probability ManipulationX-Force
Adamantium Claws in Hands and Feet, HealingWeapon X, X-Men
Robotic Programming for Tracking Mutants, Numerous Different WeaponsGovernment
Extreme Obestiy Granting, Endurance, Strength and ResilienceBrotherhood
Absorption and Redirection of Kinetic EnergyHellfire Club: The Inner Circle
Extraction of Life EnergyBrotherhood, Acolytes
Power Negation (Shutting-Off Powers)Morlocks
Battle Suit Allows Tectonic Energy and Release of it in the Forms of Numerous PhenomenaAlpha Flight
Tachyon Energy Filed Generated Around SwordHydra, Clan Yashida
Heightened Reflexes, Animalistic AppearanceX-Men
Ability to Change Body by Shedding Layers of SkinX-Men
Control over ALL forms of EnergyX-Men: The First Krakoa Team
Tentacles, Heightened Strength, Agility, and Hunting AbilityMorlocks
Absorbs Solar Energy and Metabolizes it into Physical Strength, Heat and RadiationNew Mutants, X-Force
Magnetism, Clone of MagnetoX-Men
Six Arms, Telportation, InvisibilitySisterhood of Mutants, Mojo
Generates Nuclear Fire, FlightX-Men, Horseman of Apocalypse
Power/ AbilitiesCharacterAllegiance
None Superhuman, Military Training, Starship PilotStarjammers
Absorption and Redirection of EnergyX-Men, Xavier Security Enforcers
Uncontrollable Optic BlastsX-Men
Toothed Beak, Twelve Foot Wingspan, Pteradactyl Appearance, Life DrainingWeapon X, Savage Land Mutates
Political Influence, Training in the U.S. MilitaryU.S Senate
Psionic Control over Fire Brotherhood
Flashes of the FutureBrotherhood
Teleportation to Areas Within SightX-Men, Excalibur
Teleportation to AnywhereExiles (AOA), X-Men
Control of the WeatherX-Men, Morlocks
Control of all forms of MagnetismHimself, Brotherhood of Mutants, Acolytes
Telekinesis, Hypnosis, Psionic Life DrainHellfire Club: The Inner Circle
Telepathy, Illusions, Diamond FormX-Men
Illusion Generation, Astrally Creates Arrows and other ObjectsX-Men, Xavier Institute Faculty, New Mutants, X-Force
16 foot Feathered WingspanX-Men
Telekinesis, TelepathyX-Men
Telekinetic Katana, Formerly: Precognition, Telepathy, Mental Bolts, Illusions and Mind ControlX-Men, Sisterhood of Mutants, Excalibur
Ability to Transform Oraganic Metal Tissue X-Men
Shapeshifting Granting immunties to poison and toxins and the aging processBrotherhood
Increased Luck, Psychometry, Strength, AgilityX-Men, X-Factor Investigations
Shapeshifting into Wolf-Like Humanoid, or Full WolfX-Force, New Mutants
Heightened Reflexes, Animalistic AppearanceX-Men, Morlocks, Gene Nation
Lights KnivesX-Men
Pachyderm Appearance, Expulsion of Corrosive Stomach Acid via MouthBrotherhood
Absorbs Cosmic Energy, Energy BlastsX-Men
Generates Blasts of Concussive Force or Heat by using Wood as the Focus for His PowerBrotherhood
Telepathy, Black Hole Leading to Alternate Dimension in Head, Ability to Survive without OxygenX-Men
Ability to Pass through Solid Objects and Mechanical DisruptionX-Men, Excalibur
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Cyborg Implants on left side of bodyX-Men, X-Force
Portal to Dark Force Dimension, Teleportation through the PreceedingX-Men
Limb and Tissue Regeneration, Strength, HypnosisHimself, ______ World (Alt. Dimension)
Speed and Durability, Flight, Light ManipulationX-Men, Alpha Flight
Telepathy, Vast Psionic AbilitiesX-Men
Enhanced Strength, Speed, Durability, Reflexes, and Senses,Flight X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants
Robotic Implants and Long Adamantium ClawsSisterhood of Mutants, Reavers
Ability to Charge Objects with Kinetic EnergyX-Men, Horsemen of Apocalypse
Power/ AbilitiesCharacterAllegiance
Control over TimeX-Men: The First Krakoa Team
Enhanced Hearing, Sonic Screams, Mach 1 FlightX-Factor Investigations, X-Force
Creation and Ability to Explode Plasma 'Fireworks'X-Men
Realease, Absorption and Detonation of PlasmaNew Mutants, X-Force, Trainee in X-Factor
Telepathy, Telekinesis, Astral ProjectionX-Men, Excalibur
Converts Sound Into Light BeamsX-Men
Adamantiun Claws that shoot from Wrists, Healing of Damaged Bodily TissueX-Men
Vast Array of Mutant Abilities including Shapeshifting, Near Immortality, and Energy Aborption Himself, Alliance of Evil, Horsemen of ____________
Ability to Fly at nearly the Speed of Light, Animation of the InanimateAlpha Flight
High Level Telepath and TelekineticX-Men, Brotherhood
Constant Adaption to Conditons Around HimX-Men: The First Krakoa Team
Reality Warping, Hex EnergyBrotherhood, Avengers
Telepathy, Astral Projection, Mental Possession of Human Body Necessary to SurviveHimself, Located: Astral Plane
Manifests Weapons and Sheilds, Vast Computing PowersItself, Xavier Institute
Minor TelepathyShi'ar Empire, Starjammers
Superhuman Strength and Endurance derived from Stores of Kinetic EnergyX-Factor Investigations, X- Factor
Ionizes Matter into Super Heated Plasma StateX-Men
Psionic Mind PossessionX-Men, New Mutants
Flight, Sonic ScreamsX-Men
Age Suppression from Experimentation, Possibility of Healing Factor, Excellent MarkswomanWeapon X
Telepathy, Clones of Emma FrostHellfire Club
Mutant Genetics ExpertiseMuir Islanders
MagnetismX-Men, Acolytes
Brilliant Tactician, Attributes Enhanced by Heart Shaped HerbAvengers, Wakandan Royalty
Dragon-Like Build allows Flight and Fire ExhalationX-Men, Excalibur
Generates Psionic ExoskeletonX-Men
Teleportation (Teleporting Device), Mastery of Numerous Martial Art FormsWeapon X, Heroes For Hire
Enhanced Durability and Lifespan, Genius-Level IntellectMarauders, Weapon X
Ability to Control Lava, FlightNew Mutants
Superhuman Strength, Flight; Derives Energies from FrictionExcalibur, Hellfire Club
Superhuman SpeedBrotherhood, Avengers
Mystically enhanced Strength and Durability from Cyttarok GemExcalibur, X-Men
Mach 1 Flight and Concussive Blasts Derived from Battle Suit Alpha Flight
Combined Powers of Prof. Xavier, Magneto and Franklin RichardsSentinel Army
Vibrating Waves causing RockslidesBrotherhood

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