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Can you name the Characters from Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects ?

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Team NameCharacterAbilities
ImperfectsSuper Strength of 100 men
Avengers (PSP only) Shield, Agility, Strength
Unaffiliated/Solo (not on PSP) Agility, Heightened Senses
Unaffiliated (PSP only)Electricity, Flight
Unaffiliated/ SoloAgility, Sais, Throwing Knives
ImperfectsEarthquakes, Agility of a Ballerina
ImperfectsChemical Weapons
Fantastic Four (not on PSP)Fire, Flight
AvengersMetal Suit, Genius Level Intellect, Flight
ImperfectsElectricity, Flight
Team NameCharacterAbilities
Brotherhood of MutantsMagnetism, Flight
ImperfectsGenius Level Intellect, Alien Suit, Flight
ImperfectsSuper Durability and Strength, Teleportation, Energy Blasts
ImperfectsFire, Flight
Avengers/Solo/UnaffiliatedWeb, Agility, Genius Level Intellect
X-MenWeather Control, Flight
Fantastic FourRock-Like Structure, Super Strength
Unaffiliated/Solo/Sinister SixAlien Symbiote, Strength, Web
X-MenAdamantium Skeleton, Claws, Healing Factor

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