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Forced Order
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DescriptionNameState Represented
Chief Nullifier, Wanted North-South Dual PresidencySouth Carolina
Father of the Constitution, 4th PresidentVirginia
Hockey Mom, GOP Vice Presidential CandidateAlaska
Fifty-four Forty or Fight, 11th PresidentNorth Carolina
Middle Name Was 1 Letter, Dewey 'Beats'...Missouri
First President to be ImpeachedTennessee
The Great Compromiser, Advocated the 'American System'Kentucky
Former Secretary of Agriculture, Currently a U.S. SenatorNebraska
Born in Danish West Indies, Financial MastermindNew York
Obama's Vice PresidentDelaware
The Great Communicator, '...'omicsCalifornia
The Great Emancipator, Savior of the UnionIllinois
Secretary of Health and Human Services, Former GovernorKansas
General who beat the Mexicans, There's a City Named After HimTexas
Very, Very, Very Concerned About ImmigrationColorado
The Liberal Lion, Recently Passed AwayMassachusetts
'Every Man a King,' Was AssassinatedLouisiana
Peanut Farmer PresidentGeorgia
Regretted Secession, But Led the ConfederacyMississippi
Longest Serving Senator EverWest Virginia
Depression Era President, Not Very PopularIowa
U.S. Senator, Independent, Social Liberal, But Believes in Strong DefenseConnecticut
I Got Crushed in 1964 by LBJArizona
DescriptionNameState Represented
Father of Progressivism, GovernorWisconsin
Senate Majority Leader, For NowNevada
The Only President From this State, Grandpa wasn't President for Very LongIndiana
Also Impeached, But Not Removed From OfficeArkansas
Our Fattest PresidentOhio
The Only Bachelor PresidentPennsylvania
Senior Republican Senator, Hater of the BCSUtah
First Female Governor EverWyoming
Former Third Party Presidential Candidate, Racist GovernorAlabama
Brother and Father are Former PresidentsFlorida
Served As Secretary of State Twice, 'Plumed Knight'Maine
President After White House Scandal Exposed in the 1970sMichigan
Some Think He is the GOP's Best Option in 2012, GovernorMinnesota
Current Senator, Recipient of the Congressional Medal of HonorHawaii
Former Senator, Scandal Caused him not to Seek Re-electionIdaho
He Founded a Colony as a Refuge for Catholics, Now a StateMaryland
Democratic Senator, Nephew Killed in IraqMontana
Democratic President with Southern Sympathies, Not Often RememberedNew Hampshire
24th Governor of this State, Overly Cautious Civil War GeneralNew Jersey
Tried for Democratic Presidential Nomination in 2008New Mexico
Bill Clinton's Secretary of State Until 1997North Dakota
Played Wide Receiver for the Seattle Seahawks Before Entering Political SceneOklahoma

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