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What are the primary lesions of pemphigus foliaceus?
Bilateral and symmetrical pattern in most cases. 
Which of the following is not a likely place for pemphigus folliaceus to initially present?
a)dorsal muzzle b)planum nasale c)periocular area d)footpads e)none of the above 
True or false: there is a waxing and waning course of disease with pemphigus folliaceus?
Cats tend to have involvement of these parts of their body
True or false: pemphigus folliaceus usually affects the mucosa and spreads to the whole trunk?
The diagnosis of pemphigus foliaceous begins with the demonstration of __________ ________ on impression smears of intact pustules (histopathology).
Hallmark of PF, may be mixed with nondegenerated neutrophils and rare eosinophils 
What is the second choice for impression smears if fresh pustules are not present?
Which of the following is not characteristic of acantholytic keratinocytes?
a)large size b)irregular cell margins c)central nucleus d)stained cytoplasm e)5x the size of neutrophils 
The oral glucocorticosteroid of choice for dogs with PF is ______, and for cats it is usually _____.
If oral glucocorticosteroid therapy is not sufficient, add _______ for dogs or ______ for cats.
Cytotoxic drugs. 
This cytotoxic drug should never be used in cats, as it causes profound neutropenia nad thrombocytopenia.
Less thiopurine methyltransferase enzymes. 
Which potential side effect would you associate with azathioprine but not chlorambucil?
a)myelosuppression b)increased risk of infection c)hepatotoxicity d)vomiting and diarrhea e)anorexia 
Lesions of this disease tend to be limited to the planum nasale and dorsal muzzle, including depigmentation and erythema.
You may also see erosions, ulcers and crusting, sometimes deep ulcers cause epistaxis, and these wounds heal with atrophic scars. 
True or false: UV exposure tends to worsen signs of DLE?
Which of the following lesions would you NOT associate with DLE occasionally?
a)mucocutaneous junction erosion b)footpad ulcers c)periocular hypopigmentaiton d)ear pinnae crusting e)polyarthritis 
What is the most common autoimmune disease? Second most common?
This is the first line of treatment for canine DLE?
This ist he first treatment of choice for canine postrabies vaccination panniculitis?
This ailment presents as a localized circular area of alopecia, erythema nad mild scaling, around or below a vaccination site.
May also see plaques, hyper or hypopigmentaiton, within 3 months fo a rabies vacciantion. May see hyperthermia and lethargy also. 
True or false: otitis externa is a symptom of many diseases, not a specific diagnosis?
What are the most common causes of otitis in dogs?
Most often bilateral disease, sometimes unilateral. 
Name the most common cause of otitis in cats? The second most common?
Which of the following is most typically ssociated iwth bilateral, not unilateral otitis?
a)tumor b)aural polyp c)atopic dermatitis d)foreign body 
If a ruptured tympanic membrane is visible, then _____ ____ is present, but it may still be present if its intact.
With which species would you associate a small incomplete ridge for a septum bulla?
Large opening betweeen tympanic cavity and ventral cavity. Can flush entire tympanic cavity. 
This species has a more developed septum bulla,
Tympanic cavity spearate dinto dorsolateral epitympanic cavity (pars tympanica) and ventromedial tympanic cavity (pars endotympanica). Only two small openings between. Usually require surgical management of middle ear disease. Avoid using ointment-based medications of the ear. 
Which of the following is a primary cause of otitis externa?
a)anatomical configuration b)excessive cerumen production c)excessive moisture d)Feline immunosuppressive viruses e)ectoparasites 
Which of the following is a predisposing factor for otitis externa?
a)microorganisms b)treatment effects c)inappropriate treatment d)progressive pathologic changes e)otitis media 
True or false: the initial colour of exudate from otoacariasis is brown or black?
In cats, the most common ear tumour is?
True or false: aural polyps are most typically associated with older animals?
Which of the following breeds is NOT predisposed to otitis by anatomical configuration?
a)pug b)chinese shar pei c)poodle d)spaniel e)all of the above are 
Name, in order, the most common opportunistic rod bacteria, cocci bacteria and yeast to cause otitits?
All secondary infections more common in dogs than cats. 
Which of the seven steps of the systematic approach to otitis externa are missing?
1) History 2)physical and dermatological examination 3)ear cytology, direct microscopy 4) ??? 5)optional C and S of bacteria 6)clean and treat external ear canals with topical AMDs, possibly add systemics and glucocorticosteroids 7)??? 
What is the name for a collection of blood between the cartilage plate of the ear pinna and the skin?
What surgery is indicated by non-malleable external ear cartilage?
This parasitic cause of otitis is odorless and associated with dry, granular coffee ground exudate.
What would you administer first for 1-2 weeks if ear canals are too stenotic for otoscopic exam?
True or false: the majority of dogs with otitis media have intact tympanic membranes?
This cobblestone appearing lesion of the ear may be most common in cocker spaniels and may be confused with polyps
True or false: C and S is only indicated in chronic or recurrent otitis externa failing to respond to appropriate empirical topicals?
This procedure involves incising the tympanic membrane to perform diagnostics or treatment?
True or false: Pseudomonas otitis (shown by rods on culture) indicates the necessity of C and S?
At what clock position (or name of the structure) should the tiny incision be made in a myringotomy?
Which of the following is a reason to avoid topical therapy in otitis cases for cats?
a)fractious response likely b)spread of medication due to frantic grooming c)more likely hypersensitivity reaction d)often treatable without, unlike dogs e)all of the above 

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