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What is the most common type of ovarian tumor? It is indicated by elevated levels of what hormone in the mare?
An incidental finding, made of remnants of the Wolffian ducts?
Mares are ovulatory from ____ to ________ and cycle every ___ days during this time.
I inject a PSP dye into the uterus of a mare I suspect has an oviductal blockage. Within what period of time should red dye be present in her urine, if all is well?
What is a common sequelae of an oviductal blockage?
In severe cases of cervicitis, what finding makes the prognosis significantly worse?
What is the probable treatment for a pneumovagina?
True or false: cystic bartholin's glands are normally inconsequential, whereas cystic gartner's ducts normally reduce fertility?
A perineal laceration that extends into the musculature without complete tearing of the shelf between rectum and vagina is termed?
True or false: a third degree perineal laceration should be repaired immediately?
True or false: a cow will typically ovulate around 20 days after parturition?
How many days post-partum will the mare's first ovulation occur?
For what period, lasting 7-14 days after parturition are animals susceptible to metritis and septic metritis?
What are dams susceptible to in the intermediate period 14-21 days after parturition?
What are dams susceptible to in the post-ovulatory period (until complete involution of the uterus)?
In the treatment of metritis, ____ ____ such as cetifluor, and _____s like ketoprofen are recommended.
What antibiotic is most often used in conjunction with PGF2alpha for endometritis? Why is penicillin not effective?
True or false: pyometra is rare in the mare, and easily treated.
What condition is also referred to as false pregnancy, in goats?
What two bacteria cause venereal diseases that are most commonly confused with CEM caused by taylorella equigenitalis?
What four methods are accepted to confirm a cow is open before export to the USA?
What is the only CFIA approved blood pregnancy test? How sensitive is it for identifying non-pregnancies?
Which is an issue with BioPryn tests: sensitivity, specificity or cost?
Progesterone levels remain high throughout bovine pregnancy, but can also be high in which conditions?
what substance is produced by the bovine placenta after 100 days, indicating a live fetus?
At what day of equine pregnancy, approximately, do endometrial cups show up? What is their product? What does it act like?
True or false: if an equine fetus dies between 40-120 days, the mare will return to estrus promptly?
Around day 70,. what two products do the equine placenta begin producing?
True or false: Estrone sulfate tests are a reliable stall-side test from about day 70 of equine pregnancy?
What hormone is used for most pregnancy tests for the bitch? When will it be detected at earliest?
What are the four definitive signs of pregnancy during palpation for the cow?
What is a slight strumming on the pregnant side due to altered blood flow called?
True or false: abdominal palpation is safe and reliable for the bitch between 25 and 30 days pregnant?
Why is a routine ultrasound necessary at 14-17 days in for a mare?
Which species has a gestation length of 150 days, with the CL making progesterone for the first sixty days, and the placenta taking over after?
Which 3 species have the CL produce progesterone throughout pregnancy? Put an asterisk beside the one that has the placenta produce as well for 100 days.
What program will be effective at inducing bovine abortion at any stage?
True or false: Dex is just as effective in horses as in bovines?
How often/long must we give pgf2alpha to a horse to induce abortion after 35 days?
What is a downside to inducing parturition in bovines using dexemethasone and prostaglandin?
What is the variance for normal equine gestation on either side of 341 days?
What is the most effective method of inducing parturition for equines? Why would you not do this very often?
What is the treatment for a mummified fetus? the prognosis?
What is the treatment for fetal maceration? What makes the prognosis worse?
_____ feels 'apple shaped' and has a rapid onset, whereas _____ is a slow onset, and is 'pear' shaped
90% of hydropic conditions are ______.
True or false: simply draining the fluid normally resolves a hydropic condition?
Torsion occurs midway through pregnancy in _____, and late in pregnancy for ____.
Placentitis is common in which species? What is the prognosis for the fetus? For the dam?
What is the correct treatment order for a prolapsed vagina?
True or false: Amniotic plaques are normal?
What is the fetal layer that contacts the mother? Which stores the urine? Which holds the fetus?
True or false: the pig's membranes are completely fused (chorioallantois with amnion)?
What is the name for a proteinacious soft calliculi found in the allantois of a horse, incidental?
Normal equine umbilical cords are __ to __ cm long
True or false: the horse's membranes are completely fused (chorioallantois with amnion)?
What is the maternal side of a placentome termed? THe fetal side?
Marginal necrosis is to ___ placentas as marginal hematomas are to ___ placentas.
What two traits can be identified once an embryo becomes a fetus?
____ and ___ 
If death occurs before an embryo becomes a fetus it is ____, if it is a fetus _____, and if it is an independently viable fetus, ____.
What is it referred to when the intestinal contents of the fetus are expelled and mark the body in failure of pregnancy?
What sign indicates the fetus has been in utero at least 12 hours following death?
How long in utero does it take for dehydration to begin?
What sign only appears after 24-36 hours?
What occurs after one week in utero following fetal death, assuming sterility?
In what species would you be more likely to recommend a post-abortion investigation, hoping to find the cause out? (Horse or cow)
If the umbilical cord is too short in a horse, what is a potential cause of fetal death?
Approximately what percentage of horse abortions are caused by infectious agents?
What is the most common viral cause of abortion in the horse?
What three regions of the horse placenta are supposed to be avillous (potential non-lesion lesions)
What fungus is responsible for fescue endophyte toxicosis?
What is the theoretical cause of mare reproductive loss syndrome?
What are three potential causes of bovine fetal heart failure? Put an asterisk by the one which is the #1 cause of abortion in Ontario.
What is a likely cause of focal necrosis of the fetal liver in both equine and bovine?
Where is foothills abortion a problem? What is the vector for the disease?
True or false: Brucella abortus is only present in bison here in Canada, and has no zoonotic potential
True or false: a majority of post-abortion investigations will not find the cause in sheep?
What are the four major infectious causes of sheep abortion (39% of all sheep abortions are due to infetions)?
True or false: an ewe that is infected around day 110 of her gestation will abort the fetus due to chlamydophila abortus?
What is a likely cause of focal hepatic necrosis in a sheep fetus?
______ causes intercotyledonary placentitis, focal necrosis of the cotyledons is associated with ____.
Which of the four major infectious causes of abortion in sheep is often spread by cat feces?
Which less common cause of infectious abortions is spread by rams, and is non-zoonotic?
Ingestion of what plant, on what day will cause congenital fusion of the eyes in sheep?
____ _____ on day __ 
What rare virus will cause anencephaly and arthrogryposis in the sheep fetus?
What is the causative agent of Q fever?
A caprine fetus shows alopecia and edema, as well as a bilateral swelling in the neck. What was wrong with the mother?
What may occur if a pregnant goat is put into a high stress situation?
True or false: canine distemper may cause abortion?
True or false: 72% of pig abortions are infectious, 28% no diagnosis?
What is the most common type of causative agent for pig abortion?

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