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What are some reasons for performing a BSE?
When is the best time to ultrasound the reproductive tract?
What are the three barriers to fecal contamination of the female reproductive tract?
What may be the most significant factor causing subfertility in mares?
Less than what angle would be desirable for the angle of the vulva of a horse?
Why would we check a horse's perineum preferentially during estrus?
If a horse has bad perineal conformation, and fecal contamination is a concern, what minor surgery might you elect to perform?
When performing an 'air test,' is air suction sound a good thing?
How would you assess cervical tone? Check for tears?
What is always the first question to be answered on a BSE?
During estrus, how many PMNs per high power field would be considered normal for the mare's endometrial cytology?
What percentage of PMNs in each field is normal for the cow?
What tool would be used to collect vaginal mucus from a cow?
What would a score of 5 for the mucus sample indicate?
What are the odds of successful foaling with a category IIB endometrial biopsy of a mare?
What would the karyotype be for Turner's syndrome? the result?
What is XXY called, and what does it result in?
Of estrus, and estrous, which is an adjective?
What is the natural anovulatory period for mares?
What are some positive signs of estrus when a teaser stallion is used?
What is indicative of winter anestrus? Diestrus?
What is the primary sign of active estrus in the cow?
True or false: estrus can last as little as 2 hours in cows?
Heat detection rate x conception rate=?
What are some management techniques used in estrus cycle control programs?
What would the effect of increased melatonin be on a sheep? A mare?
Why would a pregnant vet have to be especially careful when shortening the luteal phase?
What is the interval between prostaglandin injections to get virtually 100% of a herd of cows to ovulate on time?
What are other methods of shortening the luteal phase?
What hormone is suppressed by exogenous progesterone administration, and surges when the administration stops?
This is the rationale for prolonging the luteal phase. 
Name 2 intravaginal devices for prolonging the luteal phase?
A shot of ____ would usually be given the day before the removal of an intravaginal device.
What is regumate?
Why would one give hCG to a mare in heat? What hormone is it mimicking?
OvSynch combination programs in cows involve a shot of _____, followed by _____, followed by another _____, followed by AI.
Combination programs for mares involve daily shots of _____ and _____ for 10 days, a shot of ____ on the last day, and heat occurs about a week later.
Ovulation is also predictable for day 20-21. 
Which type of horse must be bred by natural cover to be registered? Why?
What are three ways to tell the Stallion has actually ejaculated?
How often does a mare come into estrus during breeding season?
Why is breeding out of season so necessary for horses?
Around which date would you start artificially lengthening the day to breed in February: October 31st, November 15th, or December 20th?
Why would you give progesterone orally for 2 weeks to a mare in spring transition?
Which of the following will not induce ovulation within 48 hours on a mare in estrus?
Deslorelin/Ovuplant, prostaglandin, hCG,  
True or false: Cows ovulate after standing heat, horses towards the end of it?
What is the target time of the 21 day cycle for ovsynch?
Why might someone give two shots of prostaglandin 14 days apart, 11-14 days before starting ovsynch?
Wolffian is to ____ as Mullerian is to ____
True or false: paraovarian cysts are usually a serious problem.
What is the name for the congenital absence of one uterine horn, with both ovaries present?
What is the primary concern with double cervix, partial or complete?
What is the most common tumor of the ovaries? Is it benign or malignant?
What are some clinical signs of ovarian cysts?
What is a common side-effect of progesterone-secreting vaginal inserts?
What are three common indications to check for cervicitis?
vaginal cysts are made from what kind of ducts?
What is another name for vestibular ducts?
What drug should NEVER EVER be put in the uterus? Why?
50 mg of ______ may be administered after mating to reduce inflammation/breeding-induced endometritis?
Tris-EDTA and tricide are examples of _____ _____ which remove biofilm from the uterus by witholding _____
Which would you expect to see in farm animals: endometriosis or endometrosis?
True or false: Endometrial cysts are usually only treated if they are located at the base of the uterine horn?
True or false: Perimetritis often progresses into generalized peritinitis?
Which of the following is not a particularly effective treatment for pyometra?
PGF2alpha, antibiotics, cervical wedge resection, hysterectomy 
What is an open pyometra?
Which of the following does not necessarily involve bulls being ASYMPTOMATIC carriers?
Trichomonas, ureaplasma, campylobacter 
True or false: Trichomonas is usually self-limiting in three months?
Infection with which of trichomonas, campylobacter and ureaplasma is least likely to result in a cow being culled?
Which of trichomonas, campylobacter and ureaplasma actually resides in semen (as opposed to having the potential to contaminate it on the way out)?
Which of the following diseases can be vaccinated against: trichomonas, campylobacter, ureaplasma
When will equine coital exanthema show up? Where?
3 to 8 days after a natural cover breeding, a mare presents with ventral and distal limb edema, conjunctivitis, nasal discharge, fever and mammary edema. Likely cause?
What organism causes CEM?
What two non-venereal diseases may be transmitted venereally and confused with CEM?
both cause bacterial venereal endometritis, when transferred venereally 
What week does an embryo become a fetus?
What does the cortical reaction block?

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