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What is the name for the period of uterine and ovarian recovery following parturition?
Would you expect more or less secretion from the mucosa near the cervix compared to the main body of the uterus?
In which species would you expect to find an ovulation fossa? What structures are inpalpable in this species per rectum?
Which two groups of species only ovulate from the left ovary?
Approximately how many days does it take for attachment of the embryo in the cow?
A rabbit has 2 _____ and 1 ___ ____ while _____ have 2 _____ and 2 ______. Male possums have ____ _____.
______ is inflammation of the uterus including the muscular layer, whereas ______ is an inflammation that does not include the muscular layer.
______ is to cow as endometrial folds are to mare.
Which species has a corkscrew penis?
Give two examples of neuroendocrine reflexes relevant to theriogenology?
A hormone that acts only on neighbouring cells after being secreted is termed?
What are some sources for reproductive hormones?
What is the 'mother of all steroid hormones?' (synthesized first along the chain from cholesterol)
In the female, LH stimulates _____ cells to turn ______ into ______
In the female, FSH stimulates the ______ cells to convert androgens to ______ using an enzyme called _______
The _____ centre of the hypothalamus is sensitive to positive feedback, whereas the _____ centre is sensitive to negative.
Increased estradiol leads to increased GnRH and ultimately ovulation, but only in the absence of increased ______ which blocks ovulation.
What two hormones are released from the pituitary by GnRH?
_____ and ______ 
In the male, LH targets ______ cells to produce ______
In the male, FSH targets ____ cells to increase their number and function.
If you wanted a male to exhibit maternal behaviour, you'd administer which hormone?
What are the two areas in which oxytocin may be produced? Where is it stored?
_____ and _____ 
What are the two sources of progesterone?
____ and _____ 
Inhibin and activin control which hormone's secretion?
Estrogen during the follicular phase is produced by?
Starting at the beginning of the follicular phase, list the stages of the estrus cycle in order?
____, ____, ____, ____ 
Which two stages of the estrus cycle occur during the luteal phase?
When a mare winks, what part of her body moves?
A cow is showing constant signs of estrus behaviour. What does she suffer from, and what condition is the underlying cause?
_____ cervixes and uteri are more flaccid during estrus, while those of the ____ show increased tone.
How many waves of follicular growth usually occur before ovulation in the cow?
Which of our relevant species is alone in being monoestrus?
Cats and camelids are both induced ovulators. True or false?
Of our relevant species, which has the shortest period of sustained estrus?
T or F: menstrual compared to estrus cycles generally have longer follicular phases, more uniform sexual receptivity and a shorter fertile period?
Which species exhibiting induced ovulation is unique in that it requires neither frequent coitus or long copulation times?
And everyone else still wishes they could f*** like them. 
What underlies the germinal epithelium of the ovary?
What type of epithelium is the germinal epithelium?
What kind of a follicle has one layer of squamous granulosa cells? One layer of cuboidal/columnar? Multiple layers?
What is the name for the 'peninsula of cells' connecting the oocyte to the follicle wall?
What is the name for the layer immediately surrounding the ovum? What is the space between the ovum and this layer called?
What is the layer immediately outside the layers of granulosa cells of a follicle? Outside that?
What would you use to stain the zona pellucida? What contents would cause it to stain?
What follicle forms after ovulation in horse, cow and sow, but not dog or cat?
After ovulation, what is the fate of most theca and granulosa cells?
True or false: the epithelium of the vagina becomes keratinized during anestrus.
What is the histological classification of the lining of the oviduct?
What is apparent anestrus?
What are the types of true anestrus?
Causes of congenital anestrus would include?
In which specific animals are nutritional causes for anestrus most prevalent?
What kind of cyclicity is demonstrated by the mare?
Sheep, goats, elk and deer are all...? (what type of breeders)
What produces the PGF2alpha required for luteolysis?
Passive diffusion from the ______ ____ to the ____ ____ allows for the transfer of PGF2alpha from the endometrium to the ovary.
Which hormone stimulates pulsatile release of PGF2alpha? Which hormone is required to initiate timely synthesis?
If a single injection of PGF2alpha is administered between days 0-6 of a cow's cycle, what will the effect be?
If a PGF2alpha injection is administered between days 6-17, what is the result?
How many days before an ewe initiates placental attachment? By which time is it established?
How many days before a cow initiates placental attachment? When is it established?
How long before a mare establishes placental attachment?
Ovine and bovine versions of this embryonic signal are important.
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