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What is the usual timing of a postpartum exam?
What should postpartum visual inspection look for?
What is a vet looking for when they palpate the broad ligaments per rectum postpartum?
Which of the following is not a potential treatment for a vaginal hemorrhage?
a)ligation of a large vessel b) packing of the vagina c)oxytocin d)prostaglandin e) prophylactic antibiotics f)anti-inflammatories 
True or false: forced extractions put dams at increased risk of postpartum vaginal or internal hemorrhages?
What is the most common cause of internal hemorrhage postpartum in older, multiparous mares? What is the prognosis? If the animal recovers, should it be rebred?
True or false: Laminitis may be a complication of undiscovered uterine tears?
True or false: oxytocin in general may be given to induce uterine involution postpartum?
If one was to suture a uterine tear to prevent peritonitis, what technique would be used for a cow? A horse?
In what area is it most common to see first degree perineal lacerations?
True or false: first degree perineal lacerations should be cleaned, debrided and sutured immediately, regardless of size?
What is involved in a first degree perineal laceration? What is also involved in a second degree laceration?
____ and ____ _____ of the ____ 
What does a secondary perineal laceration predispose to? When we are repairing these, what can we perform to prevent this?
Possible complication 
Possible complication 
preventative measure 
How long do we postpone repair of a third degree perineal laceration? Should new breedings be attempted after successful repair?
What are the three primary signs of a cow suffering from obdurator nerve paralysis?
Which of the following is NOT a contributing factor to uterine prolapse in cows?
a)dystocia b)hypocalcemia c)calving downhill d)dead calves e)uterine inertia f) none of the above 
After successful replacement of a prolapsed uterus, what three things should be done? (in order)
What is the prognosis for uncomplicated uterine prolapse?
What are some reasons for performing a hysterectomy instead of replacing a prolapsed uterus?
Rupture of the prepubic tendon and/or abdominal musculature is rare in cows and horses. What breed is predisposed?
What is the prognosis for future breeding after repair of a severe rupture?
A mare placenta is considered retained if it has not passed within _ hours of parturition?
True or false: a retained placenta is always an emergency in cows?
What is the proper treatment for an uncomplicated case of retained placenta in a mare, and what is the likely side effect?
Where is the infusion given in the Burns technique variation of uterine lavage?
A cow placenta is considered retained if it has not passed after _ day(s)
True or false: if a cow is eating and otherwise normal, the placenta may be left for several days without treatment?
Why might one give prostaglandin to a cow with RFM?
If a cow has RFM due to uterine atony and hypocalcemia, what two treatments would you give?
A disturbance in the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian access resulting in ovulation failure is the hypothesized cause of what disease? (May also have several predisposing factors)
Both follicular cysts (thin wall, multiple) and luteal cysts (thick wall, singular, high progesterone) are, by definition, over __cm in diameter
True or false: cows with ovarian cysts may have frequent, irregular, prolonged or continous estrus OR anestrus?
True or false: pyometra may be seen commonly in association with COD?
What is the treatment for luteal cysts? Will it work on follicular cysts?
In the ovsynch synchronization protocol, a shot of ____ is given first, a shot of ____ on day 7, a shot of ____ on day nine and ___ is performed on day ten.
What region has successfully genetically selected against COD?
Endometrial histology of the postpartum mare should regain pregravid appearance by what day?
Around what days will the foal heat and the heat following occur after parturition in the mare?
Why would one try to deliberately breed on the foal heat?
How many days after ovulation does one expect a bitch to give birth?
How many days, plus or minus 2 or 3 weeks, should a mare's gestation take?
What species has a gestation length of 278-293 days?
True or false: progesterone drop is not used in cows to predict parturition because it is inaccurate
Which species becomes more friendly with approaching parturition?
Which of the following is NOT a method of predicting foaling?
a)udder development b) pelvic ligaments c) milk composition d) shortening of the vulva e) behaviour f) due date 
What signals the beginning of stage two of labour? The end?
What does stage three of labour involve?
What amount of time of the total is taken up by each puppy when a bitch is giving birth?
True or false: Intervention is usually required if the mare rests after the head and forelimbs of the foal are out?
Within 2 hours a foal should be able to ____, and it should be _____ within 3-4 hours of birth?
What is the premature separation of the chorion from the uterus in a mare referred to as? Why is this an emergency?
Which of the following is NOT a maternal cause of dystocia?
a)hip fracture b) uterine inertia c)dead calf d) ringwomb 
Which species is most prone to ringwomb?
The inability to trigger uterine contractions in the first place is known as ____ _____
What is the most common cause of dystocia in cattle?
Fetal misalignment is the most common cause of dystocia in which two species?
What horrific birth defect, most common in ruminants, results in spinal inversion, exposure of abdominal viscera, limb ankylosis, etc.?
What slightly less horrific birth defect results in a relatively normal front half, flexure and ankylosis of the hindlimbs, and a lack of vertebrae caudal to the thorax?
What is the most common cause of dystocia in the dog and the cat?
What describes the relative association of the long axis of the fetus with the maternal birth canal? What are the two normal types?
____ ____ and ____ _____ 
What is the normal positioning during delivery?
What is the normal posture during delivery?
What presentation has all four limbs at the pelvic inlet? The back of the fetus? the side?
What presentation is also known as dog sitting?
What rule governs how many parts must have presented in order to pull a fetus?
What is the last fetal reflex to disappear? What are the others?
What is the difference between posterior longitudinal fetal presentation and a 'breech'?
How long should you attempt assisted vaginal delivery before moving to CVD? How long would you attempt CVD before C section?
What is the term for dismemberment of a fetus to facilitate delivery?
What is the most assassin's creed-esque item of equipment that might be employed during fetotomy?
How many cuts are involved in a complete fetotomy?

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