Systems Pathology - Hemolymphatics

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Which of the following immune cells tends to have the shortest lifespan?
a)neutrophils b)erythrocytes c)lymphocytes d)macrophages e)eosinophils 
What breed of foal is most prone to SCID? The problem tends to be with the creation of ______?
Due to their inability to create functional ______, they consequently cannot make antibodies, kill virus affected cells, or make helper T cells cytokines. 
In dogs, the typical presentation for SCID would be a _____ puppy, with _______ lymph nodes and the following cytopenia?
The end result of SCID in any case is the inability to differentiate T or B cells, meaning that __________ is not formed by _____ cells.
The animal is also unable to kill virally infected cells, or make cytokines due to the lack of cytotoxic T cells and helper Ts secreting cytokines. 
Follicular lymphoid hyperplasia is typically indicative of a response involving?
A parafollicular lymphoid hyperplasia would likely have the most of what type of cell?
What kind of cell would be associated with a sinus histiocytosis?
If antigen presenting cells have brought the antigen into the node, these cells may be not be present.
With a longstanding infection you may see the formation of ______ _______ in the ER of plasma cells (clumps of immunogloublin)
_________ refers to swollen or enlarged lymph nodes, which may be a reactive hyperplasia. ______ refers to infection of the node.
If the lymph node itself is infected, these two cell types will predominate. You will also likely see the ______ _______ (and perhaps eosinophils depending on what that is).
Bone marrow full of fibrocytes and collagen crowding out normal tissue is a condition called?
Neoplastic cells in hematopoietic tissue or circulation=?
A dog presents with swollen lymph nodes. Your FNA findings are in the hint. You likely caused ______ _______, and this is a case of reactive hyperplasia, not lymphadenit
The lymph nodes are swollen, and filled predominantly with small lymphocytes, large lymphoblasts, plasma cells and macrophages. There are more neutrophils than you'd expect, perhaps some erythrocytes as well, and you can see no trace of the causative organism.  
An animal has presented with a swollen lymph node. On aspirate you see large lymphocytes mainly, and very few plasma cells. The animal likely has some form of ____.
List the following in progressive order to make the proper sequence and ignore the two that don't belong:
Promyelocyte, rubricyte, myeloblast, myelocyte, neutrophil, metamyelocyte, band cell, erythrocyte 
A dog is hit by a car, and presents for blood loss and a cracked rib. You stabilize him. Some weeks later you do a hypothetical bone mrarow biopsy. He has ______ _____.
Upon bone marrow biopsy, there were signs of decreased M:E ratio, increased erythroid precursors and normal megakaryocytes.  
If the dog from the previous question was 4 years old and sadly passed away by running into the street a second time...
Assuming the dog remains in a state of regeneration, how long after the first accident would it take for the bone marrow to be showing gross signs of red marrow on PM? 
How long does an animal need to be in a regenerative anemia before all the marrow would appear grossly red? 
With a hemolytic anemia there may be increased signs of red cell activity in the bone marrow after how long?
There are signs of increased megakaryocytes in the bone marrow, and there are less platelets in the blood. I said doc, what's the condition?
If you saw thrombocytopenia as before, but the marrow contains mainly poorly differentiated abnormal lymphocyte precursors, then the root cause of the thrombocytopenia is?
______ _______ ________ (That's ALL the hint you're getting....) 
If a dog had many neoplastic cells in circulation but which looked closer to normal, as well as a progressive anemia, neutropenia and thrombocytopenia, they have _____ ______
Radiography found lytic lesions on a dog's bone. When aspirated, the lesions contained abundant plasma cells. What is this condition?
These plasma cells are creating abnormal Ig and osteolytic factors. 
True or false: leukemia is limited to mammals?
True or false: the spleen may be affected by lymphoma OR leukemia?
A dog presents with lymphadenopathy. You suspect lymphoma. Which nodes would you NOT aspirate?
________ lymphoma is normally multicentric, high grade B cell type.
______ lymphoma is usually extranodal, affecting GI, liver, kidney or CNS. Usually B cell type.
Bonus questions:It is T cell type if it presents in the _______ or is caused by this virus? 
Which virus is associated with aggressive extranodal B cell lymphomas in cats?
This is a type of lymphoma which occurs mainly in horses, where a B cell type has made cytokines that have caused non-malignant small lymphocytes to infiltrate the tumour?
Presents cytological diagnosis problems, requires biopsy. May also occur in cats. 
This species is most likely to get lymphoma in the heart or uterus, and if affected as an adult, likely has this virus.
This type of lymphoma may present in young ferrets as rapidly fatal.
Most adults get it in abdominal organs. 
What organ might enlarge due to increased activity during hemolytic anemia?
You have euthanized an animal with barbiturates. What is an expected finding in the spleen?
Leukemia or lymphoma present in 30% of animals infected with BLV. True or false?
True or false: BLV is a disease affecting cows only?
The most common lesion of the spleen, found in nearly all adult dogs, composed of small plaques and heme pigments with fibrous tissue.
Harmless, no reason to biopsy. 
True or false: the spleen is commonly involved in nodal lymphoma?
Primary mast cell tumours of the spleen are most common in this species?
Whereas lymphoma, sometimes marked by necrosis, might be anywhere in the marrow cavity, you likely find _____ at ends of bone?
Name two differentials for engorged spleen?
A large meaty spleen with lots of macrophages might be caued by?
A focal swelling of the spleen is most likely ______ ______. Name the other three differentials in order of increasing rarity.
For this, think multinodular white spleen. 
Which of the following is nto a differential for thymic hemorrhage?
a)trauma b)juvenile idiopathic c)anticoagulant rodenticides d)strichnine e) none of the above 
Coincidentally, a cat and a dog have presented simultaneously with exfoliative dermatitis and megaesophagus/hypercalcemia, respectively. What primary condition could cause both, pa
This cancer appears on the ventral abdomen of cats most often, spreads quickly and has a horrible prognosis. Think lymphatics.
What is the cause of caseous lymphadenitis in goats or sheep, and how is the animal normally infected?
True or false: an enormous lymph node indicates chronic problems?
According to Foster on Lymphoma, B cell is _______ T cell is ______
Name two physiological conditions that may activate bone marrow?
Leukemia and lymphoma may both make the spleen 'meaty' but _____ is most likely nodular.
What is the putative origin of siderotic nodules?
What shape would splenic infarcts tend to be? if white (rare) they are ______, if red they are ________
German shepherds are predisposed to _________, standard poodles to ________ of the spleen.
The two kinds of non-angiomatous neoplasia likely to affect the spleen are?
What two species most commonly suffer from thymic neoplasia?
_____ and ______ 
What is a complication of infection with cornyebacterium pseudotuberculosis due to severe inflammation?
Pesticide usage on lawns is associated with lymphoma in this species.
With canine multicentric lymphoma, the best node to sample barring infection or irritation on the overlying tissues is the?
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