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About how many times per year do bitches come into heat?
If Day 1 is the first day with visible serosanguinous vaginal discharge, most bitches accept males between days _ and __
What three signs may alert breeders to impending heat, sometimes preceeding vaginal discharge?
True or false: the interestrous interval will often vary from four months to a year in individual bitches?
How do the red blood cells enter the uterus prior to their discharge?
In terms of veterinary literature, what period begins with vulvar discharge and continues until acceptance of the stud dog?
~1 week+ duration 
When the bitch is in standing heat, technically speaking she is in the ____ phase. A day or so before this, the bitch may show a response with her tail known as ____.
After standing heat, North Americans call the next period _____, while the rest of the world calls it _____.
How long will progesterone remain elevated after standing heat? Is this dependent on pregnancy?
This period is called pseudopregnancy, and may be accompanied by behavioural changes 
What is the term for a bitch being bred by the wrong stud?
Usually around 8 to 10 months (range is 6 to 30) a bitch will have pubertal heat. What are two possible abnormalities of this heat?
True or false: bitches experience menopause?
True or false: smaller breeds tend to have higher ovulation rates and larger litters?
Why would English Bulldog breeders not attempt natural mating? Chow chow breeders?
True or false: studs penetrate bitches before erection?
Which fraction of ejaculate is sperm rich?
What fraction of ejaculate is urethral debris, prostatic fluid, and sometimes a bit of urine?
What fraction of ejaculate is only prostatic fluid?
What percent of intended breedings successfully impregnate bitches?
What cell type would you associate with anestrus vaginas? With vaginas after elevated estradiol for a week?
How many days after the LH surge would one expect ovulation to occur in the bitch? How many days after that would one expect the fertile period to start? end?
What is different about bitch ovulation that makes it take longer to be ready for fertilization compared to other domestics?
How many days do you count ahead from the LH surge to whelping date?
True or false: spayed bitches have elevated serum progesterone at all times?
What anti-prolactin substance is frequently used to stimulate heat in bitches?
What breeds have a predilection to vaginal hyperplasia? Is this true hyperplasia?
true or false: antiseptic soaps are an effective treatment for bacterial vaginitis?
What is the treatment for cystic endometrial hyperplasia?
True or false: Canine brucellosis is zoonotic, and a serious public health concern?
What infectious cause of infertility would be most associated with death of neonatal offspring?
What two types of bacteria are commonly found in genital tracts of healthy dogs, and only cause disease in some?
True or false: one should count approximatley 63 days forward from breeding for the whelping date?
True or false: the corpora lutea persists for the entire pregnancy?
ReproCHEK and Witness brand pregnancy tests test for which hormone, produced by the placenta?
Which of the following hormones does not increase as whelping date approaches?
a) prolactin b) estrogen c) cortisol d) prostaglandin e) progesterone 
A rapid rise in what hormone at the end of diestrus is responsible for overt false pregnancy?
Which of the following is not a potential treatment for false pregnancy?
a) supportive therapy b) progesterone c) androgens d) dopamine agonists e) none of the above 

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