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Which of the following parasites does not reside free in the intestinal lumen?
a)ascarid nematodes b)small adult cyathostomes of horses c)hookworms d)tapeworms like MOnezia and taenia  
Which of the following is not associated with trauma to the intestine?
a)oesophagostomum b)monezia c)acanthocephalans d)larval cyathostomes in equine 
Physaloptera species are usually nonsignificant findings. True or false?
A tubaeformae, braziiense and caninum are associated with blood loss causing _____ and __________
With anemia in new puppies, these parasites should be on your DDx, causing GI hemorrhage.
These nematodes can cause visceral larval migrans?
True or false: tapeworms are associated with significant disease in their carnivore hosts?
A less common tapeworm genus that causes potentially terrible (although rare)zoonotic disease is?
Hemorrhagic typhlitis or typhlocolitis is associated with _____ ____, a whipworm that courageously colonizes the canine colon.
The alliteration isn't a hint. I'm just delirious. 
This species of coccidia is nonfatal in dogs and cats, causing small intestinal diarrhea, dehydration, moderate villus atrophy.
What two viruses, in dogs and cats respectively, would be associated with segmental hemorrhagic enteritis, radiomimetic illness?
later stages can cause fibrinonecrotic enteritis. May rarely see multifocal necrotizing myocarditis. 
May cause cerebellar hypoplasia in new kittens. 
Clinical recovery from a normal case of canine coronavirus could take around _-_ days?
In younger animals ______ should be considered as an agent causing diarrhea, and may be fatal, but is similar in presentation to coronavirus.
If FECV (feline enteric coronavirus) mutates in vivo, it can cause what disease?
May be associated with pyogranulomatous or serofibrinous peritonitis. 
Which of the following would you not associate with Salmonellosis?
a)raw meat diets b)hemorrhagic gastroenteritis c)Tyzzer's disease d)septicemia e)bronchopneumonia 
With Tyzzer's disease, which of the following is not a potential presentation?
a)hepatitis b)typhlitis c)myocarditis d)fibrinohemorrhagic diarrhea e)catarrhal enteritis f)all of the above could form part of the presentation? 
Hemorrhagic diarrhea in dogs may also be caused by ________ jejuni
How ould you diagnose histoplasma capsulatum as the cause of diffuse granulomatous enteritis?
Mucoid or hemorrhagic enteritis may be caused by this intestinal fluke in North Western USA or Vancouver island area.
This fluke transmits neorickettsia helminthoeca, the causative agent of salmon-poisoning disease. 
The colon of a boxer dog is thickened with ulceration and macrophages. What is the condition?
Other differentials might be campylobacter or certain fungi. 
Idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease is a diagnosis of exclusion based on response to _____ therapy and histopathology of _____ _____.
It may also involve the stomach, as well as both bowels. 
In what species and at what location would you likely see squmous cell carcinoma?
species place 
A smooth muscle tumour in the stomach is known as?
What is the most likely (non-idiopathic) cause of diarrhea in suckling pigs?
Which of the following is not likely on your DDx for a piglet under 3 wo with fluid and gas-filled intestinal loops.
a)ETEC b)whipworm c)corona d)rotavirus e)isospora suis 
If lymphatic vessels of the intestine contain chyle, what does this mean?
Adhesion factors possessed by E coli are referred to as?
THe two requirements for bacterial intestinal disease?
True or false: ETEC typically causes villous atrophy?
What virus is not detected by TGEV, but is very similar?
True or false: isospora suis may be a cause of fibrinonecrotic enteritis?
Especially around 10 days old, mucosal scrapings 
With which suptype of C perfringens would you expect necrohemorrhagic enteritis?
May be emphysematous also. 
True or false: button ulcers may be caused by Salmonella?
False brush borderst hat look like pubes on the edge of the enterocytes is indicative of an infection with this genus.
Bloody diarrhea in a finishing pig. Which is not a differential?
a)lawsonia b)salmonella c)mesenteric volvulus d)hemorrhagic bowel syndrome e)trichuris f)PHE (clostridial) g)none of the above 
What are the two vesicular diseases that cattle are susceptible to?
Rinderpest also. 
This rarer disease has a more multi-systemic presentation than BVDV, including corneal edema/opacity.
Necrotizing arteritis. 
These two diseases hve similar clinical signs including edema, DIC, microvascular thrombosis, infarction, hemorrhage.
This first one is a disease of sheep and white-tailed deer, usuall subclinical in cattle. 
This one is for deer and antelope. 
True or false: diffuse severe serous atrophy of fat is a potential part of Johne's disease?
Pulpy kidney disease in sheep is caused by epsilon toxin from this specific type of bacteria?
Which fo the following is not a likely culprit for causing winter dysentery?
a)IBR b)BVDV c)bovine coronavirus d)bovine parvovirus e)clostrium perfringens 
Raised nodular appearance of the abomasum for a cow?
The L4 can hypobiose, and bust all out in the spring (type II) 
Each one of these **** tenants of sheep abomasum can eat 50 microlitres of blood per day.
They are shaped like a barber's pole. 
This bacteria is responsible for hemorrhagic, ulcerative, pyogranulomatous lymphadneitis following bronchopneumonia.
DDx salmonellosis 
Around what region of the stomach would you find gasterophilus spp?
Horse stoooomacccch 
Which species, called the most important nematode parasite of horse, is associated iwth endoarteritis, embolization, infarction of bowel.
Anoplocephala perfoliata are fond of this junction in the horse intestines.

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