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True or false: Aspergillus spp. may bef ound in the nasal flora of normal dogs?
Which of the following is a clinical sign of sinonasal aspergillosis?
a)mucopurulent nasal discharge b)sneezing c)epistaxis d)depigmentation and/or ulceration of nasal planum e)all of the above 
Name a diagnostic method for sinonasal aspergillosis?
What is UNTRUE about sinonasal aspergillosis?
a)treatment is expensive b)infusions of azoles have higher success than oral systemics c)treatment risks hepatotoxicity d)prognosis is poor e)some patients will have chronic nasal discharge due to turbinate destruction 
Cats are unlikely to suffer from sinonasal aspergillosis. They are for more likely to be infected by these species, which feature large capsules and only uncommonly affect dogs?
One quarter of all feline cryptococcosis patients will suffer ______ complications, and 1/5 will suffer from ______ lesions.
Otherwise the presentation is similar to canine aspergillosis 
Prognosis for dogs with cryptococcosis is _____ as it is for cats with associated CNS disease.
Name a differential for nasal discharge aside from the mycotic illnesses that have already been discussed?
A cat presents with sneezing, ocular and nasal discharge and conjunctivitis. There also appears to be corneal ulceration. What virus is most likely the cause?
A cat presents with sneezing, ocular and nasal discharge, stomatitis, oral ulceration and tongue erosion. What virus is this?
True or false: viral testing is likely only of value in group housing situations with feline URT infections, otherwise you can usually diagnose based on history and clinical signs?
The vaccines against these two agents of feline URT infection are considered core?
____ and _____, give in the form of the viral abbreviation, or the name of the type of virus 
When looking at the two most common viral causes of feline URT infection, ______ is reactivated by stress with intermittent shedding, _____ carriers shed continuously even with no
The more common name for canine infectious tracheobronchitis is?
Name a ddx for kennel cough?
If either of these signs have appeared, the case of kennel cough is complicated and may call for C and S, clavamox, doxycycline treatments?
Name one of the two breeds most commonly diagnosed with tracheal collapse?
What would not form a part of your treatment plan for tracheal collapse?
a)phenobarbital b)isoproterenol c)theopylline d)ephedrine e)all of the above are part of 'tracheal collapse elixir' 
Although the etiology of this disease is unknown, allergy likely plays a role, and there is hypertrophy and ulceration of the airway with inflammation, edema and increased mucous s
Especially common in Siamese cats. 
What would be a test you might use to rule out congestive heart failure in a case of suspected feline asthma?
Daily __________s are the mainstay of long-term therapy for feline asthma?
These drugs are best for emergency situations, via inhaler, of feline asthma?
Daily or almost daily coughing for over 2 months would be grounds to suspect this disease in a dog?
DDx would include heart disease, heartworm or lungworm infection, tracheal collapse. 
This fecal test is best to rule out lungworm.
A definitive diagnosis of canine chronic bronchitis would be achieved by observation of hyperemia and excessive mucous during, and based on cytological findings after this procedur
The cytological findings would include non-degenerate neutrophils and eosinophils. 
Anti-tussives are contraindicated with this type of cough?
A dog presents with cough, fever and abnormal lung crackles on auscultation. CBC shows moderate neutrophilia with left shift and toxic changes. What is this?
Name a common predisposing cause of bacterial pneumonia in an adult dog?
True or false: pneumonia is common after aspiration because of the high bacterial content of aspirated GI material?
Which lung lobe is most likely to be the only one affected by aspiration pneumonia?
Which of the following drugs would not be empiric with mild to moderate clinical pneumonia?
a)ampicillin b)fluoroquinolone c)amoxicillin d)cephalexin e)cefazolin 
Young huskies and malamutes are particularly predisposed to this condition, marked by exercise intolerance, harsh cough, nasal discharge.
Associated with heartworms, lungworms and excavation and construction sites being near the home. 
Prognosis for PIE is fair to good with corticosteroids, deworming and oxygen therapy, unless this complication develops?
These species would be most commonly associated with canine fungal pneumonia in Ontario, especially cottage country or the North?
What is the main differential when you look at thoracic radiographs in suspected blastomycosis?
Which would not form part of your survey assessment when evaluating a patient in respiratory distress?
a)thoracic auscultation b)MM colour and CRT c)jugular evaluation d)lymph node assessment e)rectal and extremity temperatures 
In what range of intercostal spaces would you perform thoracocentesis if necessary?
When performing thoracocentesis, the dorsal third of the abdomen is best for removing ____, the ventral third for _____.
After performing this many thoracocenteses, your next step whould be thoracostomy?
The insertion of a thoracostomy tube is around the 7th intercostal space. Where is the skin incision?
For complete airway obstructions, this is your best bet.
Indicated by marked respiratory effort in complete silence. 
Unusually quiet lung sounds on auscultation indicate?
Inspiratory stridor audible across the room would be associated with ____ airway disease?
What kind of pulmonary edema is responsive to furosemide?
These bruises or hemorrhages within the pulmonary parenchyma will worsen over the initial 24 hours with neutrophil infiltration?
Indicate conservative fluids, as aggressive therapy may aggravate pulmonary edema. 
Which of the following is not a primary soft tissue abnormality of Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome?
a)everted laryngeal saccules b)stenotic nares c)elongated soft palate d)hypoplastic trachea e)none of the above 
A 50% reduction in airway radius results in a __x increase to airway resistance?
This is the name for surgical correction of the elongated soft palate.
Involves preplacing a stay suture, cutting half and sewing in a continuous pattern, then cutting the second half and finishing the suture line. If you remove too much you risk nasopharyngeal reflux and aspiration pneumonia, if you remove too little it will fail to resolve clinical signs 
This is the most common surgical correction of stenotic nares?
You do not need to use suture after removing everted laryngeal saccules. You just need to find them at _ and _ o clock, and avoid the ____ ___ caudal to them.
_ and _ 
There is no known treatment for this component of Brachycephalic airway syndrome?
Laryngeal paralysis is the failure of these paired cartilages to properly abduct due to dysfunction of this nerve (as part of systemic polyneuropathy)?
Name a risk of hte unilateral arytenoid lateralization ('tie back') procedure?
What food is recommended fro life after arytenoid lateralization?
Between which rings should you incise transversely for a temporary tracheostomy?
Be careful of recurrent laryngeal nerve.... 
How large in comparison to the tracheal diameter shoudl the diameter of the tracheostomy tube be?
What is the most common cause of tracheal rupture?
The surgical treatment for chylothorax is?
Myasthenia gravis, exfoliative dermatitis in cats are both paraneoplastic syndromes which likely improve following removal of this tumour?
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