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_______, most often through the ____ ______ _____ method, is assessment of individual cells, whereas ______ (through _____) allows examination of tissue architecture?
What group of conditions would be contraindicative for FNA of a lung metastasis? What is a potential risk of this procedure normally?
If after a round of chemotherapy there is no evidence of disease, the patient is said to be in ___ ____
Although occasionally you may achieve a cure, it is likely this. 
A 50% decrease in evidence of disease tends to be referred to as _____ _____
A 25% increase in signs of disease, despite chemo, would be considered as:
Chemotherapy doses are calculated by ____ _______ ________, said to be a more correlated to ______ _____ than body weight?
The formula= weight (g) ^2/3 x K/10^4 
Although combination therapy is often a fantastic idea in chemotherapy, osteosarcoma would usually be treated with one of the following three drugs at a time.
Although combination therapy is often a fantastic idea for chemotherapy, Chronic lymphocytic leukemia in dogs is often best treated with this single alkylating agent?
Although combination therapy is often a fantastic idea in chemotherapy, transmissible venereal tumours are often treated with this plant alkaloid alone.
In an L-CHOP protocol, name the drugs involved in order of acronym?
What is the 'A' int he COAP protocol?
What are the three drugs in acronym order in the VAC protocol?
What class of chemotherapeutic agents prevents new blood supply from
What are the four indications for chemotherapy?
This class of chemotherapeutic agents acts during the S phase of the cell cycle?
They are low doses at high frequency, analogues of metabolites that substitute for normal purines and pyrimidines during DNA replication? 
Plant alkaloids are specifically active during _-phase of the cell cycle, and are derived from what two plants?
Which of the following drugs is NOT an anti-metabolite?
a)cytosine arabinoside b) 5-fluoracil c)mitotoxantrone d)methotrexate e) none of the above 
Which of the following drugs is NOT an alkylating agent?
a)cyclophosphamide b)chlorambucil c)lomustine d)melphalan e) none of the above 
Which of the following drugs is NOT an anti-tumour antibiotic?
a)doxorubicin b) bleomycin c)actinomycin D d)mitotoxantrone e) none of the above 
Which of the following drugs is NOT a plant alkaloid?
a)cyclophosphamide b)vincrinstine c)vinorelbine d)vinblastine e)etoposide 
This chemotherapeutic agent inhibits protein synthesis by degrading an amino acid, is expensive, and you should rpetreat with diphenhydramine?
Enzymatic action 
All hormonal chemotherapeutic agents are part of what class? What is the most commonly used?
What is most often the rate limiting toxic side effect of chemotherapy? Which one is noticed by owners most often?
This condition, most common in dogs with lymphoma, involves sudden metabolic derangement due to rapid death of neoplastic cells. Some signs are listed as further hint.
Hyperphosphatemia, hyperkalemia 
Death of intestinal crypt cells together with neutropenia is often a recipe for _____ in chemotherapy patients.
you might use this drug to restore some 'pep' to a dog with doxorubicin-induced colitis?
Doxorubicin and L-asparaginase both occasionally cause this reaction, so we may pretreat with H1 blockers, and treat with dexamethasone and/or fluids?
Epinephrine in severe cases 
What effect of chemotherapy is more common in wooly breeds like poodles and terriers?
Which of the following is NOT a contra-indication for cisplatin?
a)Being a dog b)being a cat c)azotemia d)neutropenia e) none of the above 
With which chemotherapy drug would you associate rare cardiotoxicity?
Which of the following chemotherapeutic drugs is NOT associated with rare urotoxicity?
a)cyclophosphamide b)5-fluoracil c)doxorubicin d)cisplatin e) none of the above 
Which of the followign drugs would you not associate with hepatotoxicity?
a) methotrexate b)cyclophosphamide c)lomustine d)azathiprine e) none of the above 
Which chemotherapeutic agent is commonly associated with severe neuro signs in cats, and is hence not used in them, but only rarely causes CNS signs in dogs?
What is the only chemotherapeutic agent associated with pulmonary toxicity, only in cats, hence not used in that species?
There appears to be a mediastinal mass. On ultrasound it is hypoechoic, and there are signs of hypercalcemia. This is likely what? If there were mixed echogenicity and additional p
Surgical excision of this type of tumour is often curative. 
A lymphoma in a dog is far and away most likely to be of what type?
What is the most likely type of lymphoma to occur in a cat?
What are the other two types of lymphoma which are incredibly rare n dogs but more likely in cats?
Which of the following is not a common paraneoplastic syndrome associated with lymphoma?
a)hyperglyemia b)immune cytopenias c)polyclonal gammopathy d)monoclonal gammopathy e)hypercalcemia 
The __ gene in B cells and the ___ gene in T cells are most often affected in monoclonal lymphomas
Dogs with extranodal lymphoma most often have _____ shaped lesions on their ____
_ cell lymphoma is worse than _ cell.
When staging lymphoma, stage __ has multiple LNs on one side of the diaphragm, stage __ has hepato or splenomegaly involved and LNs on both sides of the diaphragm, and tage __ has
A dog has lymphoma. Lymph nodes on both sides of the diaphragm are affected. The dog is sick. There is no sign of any organs or marrow involvement yet. Stage?
Untreated lymphoma has a median survival time of _-_ weeks in both canines and felines?
What type of lymphoma is the best prognosis in dogs?
What type of lymphoma carries the worst prognosis in cats?
True or false: COP protocols often have a longer duration of remission than CHOP?
Which of the following drugs would you not potentially use alone on a budget to treat lymphoma?
a)prednisone b)chlorambucil c)lomustine d)vincristine e)none of theabove 
MCTs appear most commonly on what area of the dog? Of the cat?
A single mast cell tumour on the skin, which has spread to regional lymph nodes would be stage __
A very large single mast cell tumour that penetrates deep, or multiple skin tumours with or without regional lymph node would be stage?
What is the name for silver staining nuclear organizing regions used to observe cells in a tumour?
Can also include KI-67, PCNA levels and doubling time to see how bad MCT is. 
What is the one type of alkylating agent that does not share cross-resistances with the others?
True or false: systemic spread of mast cell tumours has a grave prognosis?
What is the most common primary bone tumour in dogs?
What is the general rule to remember where the aforementioned tumour is likely to show up?
Distal on the tibia, femur and radius, proximal on the humerus and sometimes the tibia. 
Levels of ____ and ____ status can be prognostic indicators with osteosarcoma?
Where does an osteosarcoma most often metastasize to?
Osteosarcomas on what location are most amenable to limb sparing treatments?
Approximately how much longer are survival times with amputation and chemo as opposed to amputaiton alone with osteosarcoma?
How long would an osteosarcoma patient likely last before euthanasia becomes necessary due to pain?
Whih of the following chemo drugs would you not likely use on osteosarcoma?
a)carboplatin b)doxorubicin c)cisplatinum d)cytosine arabinoside 
If you accidentally end up performing an unplanned excision of a soft tissue sarcoma, what margins and fascial plane are necessary?
#cm and # planes 
What is the term for continuous low dose chemotherapy?
True or false: radiation therapy is cheap, and can be used to cover up mistakes if a surgeon leaves dirty margins.
What, in order, do the 1 2 and 3 in the 1,2,3 rule for post vaccine lumps refer to? (This rule indicate you should biopsy)
If you see immature cells in the bone marrow or blood, what kind of leukemia is it?
What form of Acute Leukemia is more common in dogs? Which is worse for prognosis?
What are two signs that you are likely dealing with lymphoma, not leukemia?
Which is more common, CML or CLL?

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