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Which of the following is a characteristic of regurgitation?
a)Only happens immediately after eating b)usually bile stained c)passive movement wtih minimal premonitory signs d)fluid only e)delayed onset only 
Regurgitation is typically indicative of a ______ disorder.
What are the three broad categories of esophageal disorders?
Which of the following is NOT typically a pre-monitory sign of vomiting?
a)Hypersalivation b)convulsions c)swallowing d)retching 
True or false: vomiting tends to occur only after some delay, whereas regurgitation is more likely immediate?
Vomiting is likely to have ______ pH, whereas regurgitation tends to be _____ or _____
Vascular ring anomalies are a congenital physical obstruction most commonly associated with ___ ____ ___ ___
Surgical ligation and transection of the ______ _______ is the usual treatment for the most common form of vascular ring anomaly.
True or false: in the vast majority of cases surgical correction results in the complete cessation of symptoms associated with vascular ring anomaly?
When do the first signs of vascular ring anomaly typically present?
Where do esophageal foreign bodies commonly occur?
Which of the following is NOT a complication of esophageal foreign body?
a)esophagitis b)esophageal stricture c)esophageal perforation d)aspiration pneumonia e)pyothorax f)none of the above 
Standard diagnostic imaging methods for esophageal disorders include:
Nonsurgical treatment of esophageal stricture is usually multiple procedures of?
Acquired megaesophagus is either idiopathic or linked to these three disorders?
Think about acetylcholine receptor antibody titres and/or thymomas(?) 
Think thyroid function testing. 
Think ACTH-stimulation test 
Which of the following would NOT be involved in treatment of esophagitis?
a)dietary management b)surgical correction c)sucralfate d)metoclopramide e)gastrotomy tube f)famotidine or omperazole 
Which of the following is NOT a cause of esophagitis?
a)gastroesophageal reflux b)persistent vomiting c)caustic substance ingestion d)myopathy or neuropathy e)burns 
What is the most likely complication of megaesophagus?
After careful observation of an animal that has repeatedly regurgitated, you have determined it is dysphagic as well. What do you now suspect?
True or false: Most cases of megaesophagus have a readily identifiable underlying cause?
What is the prognosis for idiopathic megaesophagus?
Which of the following diseases of the stomach would NOT be associated with vomiting?
a)ulceration or erosion b)acute gastritis c)GDV d)chronic gastritis e)delayed gastric emptying f)neoplasia 
Name a bacterial cause of acute gastritis?
What are the three phases of vomiting?
The highest number of peripheral vomiting receptors are found in what section fo the GI tract?
True or false: renal failure may cause acute gastritis?
Which of the following is not a potential cause of gastric ulceration?
a)hyperadrenocorticism b)renal failure c)NSAID medications d)hypotension e)mast cell tumours (secreting histamine) 
What is a special term for a kind of vomit that you might expect with erosion or ulceration?
If CBC reveals a regenerative or iron-deficiency anemia, and an eosinophilia, and the patient has melena or hematemesis, what is the likely diagnosis?
A cat has presented to your clinic after eating a needle and thread. Where is the first place you should check?
Which of the following is not a QAT for vomiting?
a)PCV b)TS c)BUN d)blood glucose e)urine specific gravity f)Serum biochemical analysis g)urine dipstick for glucosuria, ketonuria 
If a vomiting dog does not present with a stress leukogram, they likely have?
Which would you perform first, if you intended to do both: Barium contrast studies or endoscopy?
If a dog is vomiting for less than _ days, and less than _-_ times per day, without additional clinical signs, this is uncomplicated
Which of the following constitutes complicated vomiting?
a)over 3 days duration b)frequent c)hematemesis d)depression e)a, b and c f)all of the above 
True or false: low fat cottage cheese may form a part of the diet after 24 hours of withholding food with complicated vomiting?
Pyrantel pamoate is givent o dogs emperically for ______ sp. and fenbendazole to cats for ______ sp. with complicated vomiting.
Which of the following is NOT an antacid?
a) Famotidine b)sucralfate c)omeprazole d)ranitidine 
Young siamese cats and brachycephalic dogs are more prone when young to _____ _____ as a cause of delayed gastric emptying
corrected by pyloroplasty 
Which of the following is NOT a prokinetic drug that might be given for delayed gastric emptying?
a)metoclopramide b)omperazole c)erythromycin d)cisapride e)ranitidine 
With a gastric foreign body as the cause of delayed gastric emptying, you may see ________ metabolic _____
Which of the following would be the least likely neoplasia to affect the stomach?
a)leiomyoma b)adenocarcinoma c)hemangiosarcoma d)leiomyosarcoma e)lymphoma 
For what suspected motility disorder is the treatment simply to feed the animal late at night (w/ or w/o prokinetic agents)
What breed of dog is most commonly associated with hereditary pancreatic illness?
Although TLI has poor sensitivity, it is specific for what disorder?
What two enzymes can be used as pancreatic markers but have only 50% sensitivity and specificity?
What test is specific and sensitive for canine pancreatitis?
True or false: Pancreatic biopsy is the gold standard, and rarely if ever gives false positive or negative results?
Why would one decide to withhold food for 24 hours without vomit with pancreatitis? What does NPO stand for?
What kind of tube might you feed through to bypass the pancreas?
A measure of ___ micrograms/L or more of canine pancreatic lipase indicates pancreatitis?
Aside from pancreatitis, what are the other two diseases in 'triaditis' in cats?
What two enzymes have no value in the diagnosis of feline pancreatitis?
With loss of over __% of tissue, yu get EPI
What breed is most prone to EPI?
I have a grumbly tumbly. If I wish to refer to this in scientific terms rather than in the manner of winnie the pooh, this is?
What is the diagnostic test of choice for canine EPI?
EPI is ____ common in cats
What is the term for inactive enzyme precursors kept in pancreatic acinar cells?
_________ is cleaved by _______ to form trypsin, which activates other zymogens?
What is the given example of an anti-protease circulating in blood that gets ovewhelmed with severe pancreatitis, leading to DIC, MODS and death?
Name an example of a drug or toxin that may be associated with acute pancreatitis?
With pancreatitis, _____ is likely elevated in the blood, _____ could go either way, and ______ and ______ are likely low.
True or false: An inflammed pancreas will be enlarged and hyperechoic, while the fat around it will be hypoechoic?
What is the most common cause of EPI in dogs?
True or false: EPI patients can be weaned off of pancreatic enzyme replacement, usually within 6 months?
If the dog relapses or does not improve on pancreatic enzyme supplementation, what must be added?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Large intestinal diarrhea?
a)increased frequency b)urgency and tenesmus c)large quantities at a time d)mucus e)red blood 
Which of the following is NOT characteristic of small intestinal diarrhea?
a)large quantities, normal frequency b)urgency and tenesmus c)dark blood d)steatorrhea e)weight loss with chronic disease 
True or false: antibiotics may be the cause of either acute LI or acute SI diarrheas?
True or false: pancreatitis is only a cause of acute SI diarrhea, not LI?
A canine patient has presented with SI diarrhea, failure to thrive, weight loss and pot belly. What parasite group do you suspect?
Hematochezia and LI diarrhea are associated with what parasite species?
What is the treatment for chronic LI diarrhea in cats caused by tritrichomonas foetus?
Which of the following would NOT form part of your treatment plan for canine parvovirus-2?
a)prokinetics b)antiemetics c)NPO d)antibiotics e)supplementation with K+ and dextrose f)fresh frozen plasma 
An animal has presented with watery, mucoid OR hemorrhagic SI or LI diarrhea. You see seagull-shaped bacteria on a smear. What is it?
What is one suggested cause of Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE)?
HGE=hemorrhagic SI diarrhea, vomiting/hematemesis. 
A dog is coming into your clinic for what sounds like hemorrhagic SI diarrhea, anorexia, vomiting and dehydration. What is it important to suspect? Why?
You'd also find neutropenia, but then it would be too late 
Chronic diarrhea can be recurrent or persist for over _ weeks
Please pick out from the following list the etiologies that are NOT primary GI cuaes of Chronic LI diarrhea? (List them in order ___, ___, ___, etc)
Chronic infectious etiology, EPI, food allergy or intolerance, antibiotic responsive diarrhea, IBD, PLE, Neoplasia, Intermittent obstruction? 
What two antibiotics would you try to treat chronic diarrhea with?
What are the three categories of antibiotic responsive diarrhea?
True or false: vomiting is more common in cats with Large intestinal IBD?
True or false: you can rule out IBD with ultrasound?
If the animal is ________, this is a significant reason to favour endoscopic biopsy over surgical.
What is the most common type of IBD?
What is the term for abnormal distension of lymphatics in the intestinal mucosa? What two breeds are most likely to present with this?
Systemic illness or biochemical evidence of a protein losing enteropathy are two indications that a treatment trial is inappropriate, and you must instead seek ____ ____?
An exclusion diet is generally used when an adverse reaction to food is suspected, or you have confirmed ___?
must be fed for 6 weeks exclusively before judging effectively 
What form of antibiotic responsive diarrhea is most common in young boxers, involves LI diarrhea, and is diagnosed based onf indings in the lamina propria?
What form of antibiotic resposive diarrhea is requires long term treatment at the lowest possible dose of the relevant drug?
Large and small bowel diarrhea involved. 
This form of antibiotic responsive diarrhea is diagnosed by quantitative bacterial culture
A loss of immunologic tolerance in the ____ is a hypothesized cause of IBD.
IBD will involve vomiting and anorexia when affecting the ______
True or false: multiple regions are often biopsied in order to diagnose IBD?
What kind of IBD may be associated with parasitism?
What drug is not used in cats due to risk of salicylate toxicity, but is useful for chronic colitis in dogs?
What might I treat with if I suspect the chronic GI disease is due to immune causes?
A Wheten terrier with a soft coat has presented for steatorrhea, polyphagia, ascites, and peripheral edema. What is it?
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