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True or false: organic/carbon-bound forms of metals tend to be neurotoxic?
What is the least toxic/soluble form of most metals?
Which of the following is NOT a mechanism of toxicity for metals?
a)association with thiol residues b)substitution for calcium c) immunosuppression d)generation of free radicals e) association with porphyrin rings 
Which of the following chelators would you use for arsenic, mercury, and sellenium?
a)dimercapol b) calcium disodium EDTA c)penicillamine d) trientine e) succimer 
True or false: lead can replace Zn in some enzymes, and calcium in many structures?
True or false: one can diagnose lead poisoning based on a serum sample?
True or false: 90% of lead in the body gets trapped in the bone marrow with toxic consequences?
True or false: lead's effect on blood is due solely to its effects on heme synthesis enzymes?
basophilic stippling associated with lead toxicosis is especially pronounced in what species?
Which of the following is not a DDx for lead toxicosis?
a)urea toxicosis b)cholinesterase inhibitor exposure c)coccidiosis d)distemper e)selenium toxicity 
Which of the following would not likely form a treatment component for a lead toxicosis patient without recent oral exposure?
a) calcium b)CaEDTA c) thiamin d) IV sodium sulphate 
True or false: For sheep and cows copper toxicity can occur at doses of 20-100 mg/kg?
What are the mechanisms of copper toxicity? (How does it cause damage)
Which of the following is not a symptom of acute copper toxicosis?
a)hemorrhagic diarrhea b)steely wool in sheep c)kidney damage d)liver damage e)methemoglobinemia 
True or false: chronic copper toxicosis cases are uncommon in Ontarian sheep, and typically involve an imbalance of Cu, sulfate and molybdenum?
If fertilizing your sheep's pasture, you should avoid using manure of ___ and _____, as you might risk copper toxicosis.
Which of the following is not a sign of chronic copper toxicosis?
a)severe acute hemolytic anemia b)hemoglobinuria c)paresis of hind limbs d)gastroenteritis e) jaundice 
What species is most susceptible to oversupplementation with iron?
Supplementation with what substances is vital in preventing iron toxicosis in piglets?
____ and ____ 
True or false: zinc toxicosis can impair absorption of copper and iron?
What substance has an inverse relationship with arsenic?
Your patients are pigs. They are dog sitting, have mild hair loss, and are alert, eating and defecating normally. Wassup?
With paralysis of the extremities, no gross lesions and no CNS involvement, what toxicosis would you expect in pigs and poultry?
What would the most common iatrogenic metal toxicity be in Southern Ontario?
Ammonium tetrathiomolybdate may be helpful for what kind of metal toxicity?
What three breeds of dogs are most prone to copper accumulation?
What metal toxicosis can be associated with rickets?
If one piglet in a litter dies rapidly upon iron supplement injection, should one assume it is a herd health problem?
True or false: iron supplementation can reverse anemia caused by zinc toxicosis
When collecting blood samples for what kind of metal toxicosis is it important to use blue tops?
List forms of selenium in order of decreasing toxicity?
What form of arsenic is always DIRECTLY responsible for toxicity?
Which of the following is not a DDx for arsenic toxicosis?
a) vitamin B complex deficiency b)selenium toxicosis c)sodium toxicosis d) water deprivation e) poliomyelomalacia f) none of the above 
true or false: pyrethrins and pyrethroids have low oral toxicity?
What enzyme is affected by organophosphates?
What are the signs of organophosphate poisoning?
If exposure was less than 24 hours ago, this drug may be of help with organophosphate poisonings, regenerating the affected enzyme?
What chemical will reverse poisoning with amitraz?
Amitraz is an alpha two agonist... 
What molluscicide will cause shake and bake syndrome, and no specific anatomic pathological lesions?
All anticoagulant rodenticides are based on what substance?
What clotting factors are not synthesized with anticoagulant rodenticide toxicities? What enzyme is blocked?
F__, F__, F__, F__ 
Cherry red venous bood, the smell of almonds in rumen gas, labored breathing, convulsions and collapse are all signs of poisoning by what?
includes members of the rose family 
Which of the following is not a cardiotoxic plant?
a) yew family b)foxtail barley c) rhododendrons d) avocados e) foxgloves 
_____ get bone marrow suppression and neoplasia, whereas ____ get neurologic signs from bracken fern consumption
Which of the following plants is not associated with hemolysis?
a)japanese red maples b) onions c) turnips d) kale e) rapeseed 
What causes chewing disease in horses?

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